5 Reasons to Contact Custom Direct for Your Corporate Gifting Needs

Idea to delivery – seamless sourcing for premium incentives

Without question, corporate gifts are an effective way to recognize and reward employees, business partners, and customers. But the impact is even stronger when every aspect of premium incentives are custom-made – something our Custom Direct clients learn firsthand.

Case Study: customized premium vintage cooler recognition gift

We recently worked with a company that wanted to include a completely custom premium retro cooler as part of it’s client’s in-store beverage promotion. The cooler needed to exhibit a premium look and feel, through Pantone PMS-matched colors and a full-color detailed logo.

However, there were two unique challenges. First, the company’s overall budget was relatively low because it needed a small number of units. And second, there weren’t any great domestic options to produce a truly customized cooler with a vintage look; only modern coolers with standard colors and basic vinyl sticker decoration methods.

Custom Direct sprang into action, working with our network of international factories to create a custom cooler with a retro look, that satisfied all the client’s criteria. The final product featured quality materials, custom color and attractive accent details. Each cooler also displayed a more permanent, full-color logo, applied through a water-transfer and baking process. These one-of-a-kind details helped capture the spirit of the client’s brand and made it clear to the customer that the cooler was made just for them.

The client was extremely pleased with the final product, and vendors were excited to incorporate the cooler as part of their in-store promotion. In short, this case study exemplifies the benefits of working with Custom Direct.

Custom Direct – seamless gift sourcing from idea to delivery

Custom Direct launched in 2020 to help companies with gift sourcing original, high-quality corporate gifts. Incentive Concepts formed a strategic alliance with an experienced direct import team that has expertise in both direct sourcing and serving the needs of the premium incentives and promotional products market.

Through this alliance, we’re able to offer a streamlined process. Once you share your product idea with us, we build out the concept, source the product directly from our network of global factories, and provide simplified, timely delivery.

However, the ease of the process isn’t the only reason to work with Custom Direct.

5 benefits of using Custom Direct for corporate gifts

Working with Custom Direct ensures a mix of short- and long-term benefits for your company and gift recipients:

  • Better Engagement: Custom corporate gifts require care and concern, and this shows your employees that you value their contribution. When employees feel appreciated, this leads to better morale and overall productivity.
  • Brand Personality: Sometimes, a readymade gift doesn’t evoke the essence of your brand. A custom gift can offer a higher level of brand consistency in every detail, from the color to the fabric.
  • Relationship-Building: Custom gifts can also impress customers and business partners. The originality and attention to detail show that you’re invested in sustaining a meaningful relationship, and the gift keeps you front of mind.
  • Subtle Advertising: Custom gifts are likely to be used over and over, making them a regular presence in the recipient’s life. Where a social media post or an ad is short-lived, a premium custom gift can help build brand awareness over time.
  • Quality: When you give a high-quality gift, it communicates your dedication to quality in every aspect of your business. If your standards are this high for a single incentive, you likely invest the same amount of time and energy into your results.

To give corporate gifts that resonate and powerfully represent your brand, Custom Direct is the perfect option. Call our Custom Direct team at 888-862-9283 or fill out our request form below to share your needs and get started on your customized rewards.

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