ASI’s ‘The Social Angle’ Podcast Highlights Incentive Concepts LIVE’s Secrets to Success

Plus, Lodge joins IC LIVE to showcase new USA enamel collection

During each installment of Incentive Concepts LIVE, Director of Marketing Andy Hudson typically runs the show, chatting with guests, interacting with viewers, and showcasing premium products. And he’s frequently joined by VP of Sales Kevin Hagan. But on a recent episode of ASI’s podcast “The Social Angle”, Andy and Kevin stepped into different roles – as interviewees.

Hosted by ASI Digital Content Director Vinnie Driscoll, “The Social Angle” views the promotional products industry through the lens of social media. IC LIVE episode 141, “How to Run a Live Social Media Show”, took viewers behind the scenes of Incentive Concepts LIVE to show how companies can reach clients with livestreams. During the wide-ranging conversation, Andy and Kevin offered helpful tips and best practices as well as insights into several of Incentive Concepts’ brand partnerships.

The information-packed episode was a must-listen event, demonstrating both Incentive Concepts LIVE’s ever-expanding reach and ASI’s pivotal support role for promotional products professionals.

Exploring the ins and outs of IC LIVE & corporate incentives

After some brief background on Andy and Kevin’s roles at Incentive Concepts, the trio dove into all things Incentive Concepts LIVE, including marketing techniques, the tech required to launch a successful livestream series, and advice about episode style and frequency.

Andy shared how the show came to be, primarily as a way to reach customers, sales reps, and brand partners in early 2020 at the advent of mandatory work-from-home policies. The show was also a way to disconnect from the monotony of remote workdays and a medium to share critical information about supply chain hiccups and other mission-critical issues.

Like any new venture, the show faced its share of tech mishaps, be it strangers crashing the party through the wrong link or shotty internet connections. But Andy stressed it was all part of the process, and it was similar to what many professionals were navigating as their companies quickly transitioned to virtual-first communication. It was an example of common ground between everyone on either side of the camera.

The sense of togetherness was further enabled by IC LIVE’s early reach. Utilizing software from Restream, the show is streamed simultaneously across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Combined with internal buy-in, the multiplatform technique helped build an audience over the first few months. Kevin expressed that, though early engagement wasn’t immediately high, more viewers showed up over time, and the back catalog of episodes later served as a strong sales tool.

Since the show’s first episode, the production process has evolved into a well-oiled machine. Andy initially handled logistics on his own but has brought in Marketing & Graphics Coordinator Katie Strubberg as the producer. She handles behind-the-scenes aspects like managing RSVPs, incorporating graphics of viewer comments, and facilitating giveaways to viewers who participate. On the latter point, he referenced a recent episode where a handful of lucky commenters received percussive massage devices from recovery-focused wellness brand Hyperice.


Brand partners are integral to the show’s success, and premium giveaways give them additional incentives to participate, creating space for dynamic product demos and opportunities to get rewards in select viewers’ hands. Andy mentioned several brands that have taken part in episodes, including Hyperice, Bose, Briggs & Riley, kate spade new york, Escalade Sports, and Broil King, whose Grillmaster Jason Radford was a special guest on the second broadcast. That episode went on to win ASI’s 2020 Promo Campaign Award for Best Use of Video.

For the audience, which often includes potential partners, each episode’s showcase is a possible motivator for them to join the Incentive Concepts fray. The comments also open up conversations about pricing, special features, and product details. And with the year coming to a close, the show’s previous episodes serve as inspiration for holiday gifting. Many of the featured name-brand products from recent broadcasts are represented in the 2023 APPRECIATION IS MAGIC Holiday Gift Guide, which curates gifts by category and price point. The gift guide also helps in simplifying the selection process for these corporate incentives and gifts.

Watch the full “The Social Angle” podcast

Post-holiday, Incentive Concepts will meet up with ASI again at the 2024 ASI Show, in Orlando (January 3-5), Fort Worth (March 4-6), and Chicago (July 23-25). There, our team will showcase premium products from brands like Lodge Cast Iron Cookware, which was featured in the October 12 episode of IC LIVE.

Lodge attends brand showcases and launches USA Enamel collection on IC LIVE

Like Kevin and Andy discussed on “The Social Angle”, brand partnerships drive IC LIVE’s success, and our most recent episode, “Celebrate being an original”, demonstrated why. The episode kicked off with a clip of a recent in-person Brand Showcase, at which several brands, including Lodge, exhibited. It was one of many that Incentive Concepts hosts throughout the year to provide firsthand looks at high-quality corporate gifts. These incentive rewards are powerful motivators.


Additionally, Andy teased an upcoming showcase on October 25 in Chicago, offering viewers a chance to experience the event for themselves.

Shortly after, the broadcast zeroed in on Lodge. Three-time guest and Lodge Senior Account Manager Greg Myers and Senior Product Marketing Manager Kelly Peterson joined the broadcast live from the content studio at the brand’s South Pittsburgh, Tennessee foundry. Both Greg and Kelly spoke a bit about the brand, including a brief discussion of the Lodge Museum of Cast Iron.

They then launched into some of Lodge’s products. First, they highlighted the Yellowstone™ collection, created in partnership with Paramount Studios to celebrate the popular TV show of the same name. Designed as a collector’s edition, this specially branded product line includes the 10.25” Cast Iron Authentic Skillet and 12” Cast Iron Steer Skillet. Two featured commenters, who wrote in about what defines their originality, received their very own Yellowstone skillets.

Greg also touched on the unique elements of the Blacklock collection before Kelly dove into the newly released USA Enamel collection, comprised of cast iron Dutch ovens in red, white, and blue. This line is a celebration of Lodge’s American-made products. Also setting these pieces apart, Lodge is the only manufacturer of colored enamel in the U.S.

In line with the episode’s theme of originality, the collection’s colorful Americana look represents timeless, intentional design. Kelly shared that the enameled Dutch ovens were crafted as eye-catching heirloom pieces not only to pass down through family members but also to use as kitchen centerpieces. In addition, Greg added some details about the collection’s protective packaging. One lucky viewer had a chance to win a Dutch oven from the USA Enamel collection in a special giveaway, to experience the design, quality, and packaging at home.

Watch the full episode to learn more about the USA Enamel collection’s premium features and see other notable Lodge products in action.

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