Bose Brings A Lifetime of Amazing Audio Experiences to IC LIVE

Recent episode highlights the new QC Earbuds II and Smart Soundbar 600

Finalizing employee motivation incentives for the holidays can be a challenging task because of employees’ wide-ranging tastes. Our 2022 holiday gift guides account for this, dividing our curated selections into home goods, travel, fashion, and recreation collections. But no matter the recipient’s interests or passions, there’s always a place for deep, clear sound. Incentive Concepts LIVE November 10 episode – “Give Them A Lifetime Of Amazing Audio Experiences” – highlighted two exciting new Bose products that are sure to be the hits of the holiday gift exchange. You can view the broadcast’s most exciting moments in the highlight reel below.


In addition to recognizing veterans, gearing up for Thanksgiving, and debuting dynamic new on-screen graphics, this was a can’t-miss episode for Bose’s latest bar-raising releases.

QC Earbuds II are ‘uniquely tuned’ employee motivation incentives

Host and Director of Marketing Andy Hudson was joined by Kevin Hagan, Incentive Concepts VP of Sales; Bose National Account Manager Brian Surette; and Bose Global Trainer Sean Mackie for a deep dive into two of the brand’s most advanced products to date. These employee motivation incentives increase engagement and productivity.

First up were the QuietComfort Earbuds II, noise-canceling earbuds that are uniquely tuned to the wearer’s ears. Sean spoke to how Bose created and then improved upon the noise-canceling product category, leading to this amazing addition to their assortment.

The QC Earbuds II offer the world’s best noise cancellation – as verified by a third-party partner and supported by several incredible features. Chief among them, Bose’s proprietary CustomTune™ sound calibration technology measures the wearer’s ear canal and provides custom-tailored noise-canceling performance.

Bose CustomTune Technology

CustomTune™ also customizes audio quality based on those same ear canal measurements. And the QC Earbuds II are optimized for comfort and fit – the Bose Fit Kit features three different sizes of ear tips and stability bands (offering up to 9 combinations) to find a fit that’s truly perfect. After connecting the earbuds to the Bose Music app, listeners can launch a Fit Test to doublecheck the seal of the earbuds for ideal fit and sound. The earbuds also feature noise-canceling hallmarks like Quiet and Aware modes and boast up to 24 hours of battery life using the reduced-size case.

End to end, the QC Earbuds II – along with other Bose noise cancelling headphones & earbuds – provide an unparalleled audio experience, giving listeners hits of peace and quiet whenever they’re needed. These are some of the best incentives to motivate employees.

Hits of peace and quiet.

The Smart Soundbar 600 makes all home audio immersive

The second major segment focused on the Smart Soundbar 600. One of its most distinct features is Dolby Atmos, which mimics theater sound by adding a third dimension of audio, helping listeners hear sound above them. Though most content that viewers watch doesn’t feature Dolby Atmos, Bose’s TrueSpace™ technology can take any audio signal and add the third audio dimension for an immersive experience.

Content can also be wirelessly streamed through the Smart Soundbar 600, and SimpleSync™ technology enables Bluetooth® connections between Bose devices, so listeners can take sound from the Soundbar 600 to other rooms via other Bluetooth®-enabled speakers or headphones. Better yet, the Soundbar 600 is compatible with all related Bose home theater accessories.

Product review site Reviewed recently echoed Sean’s excitement around the Soundbar 600, touting its big sound capability, expansive sound field, and Dolby Atmos enhancements.

Be it TV shows or movies, new favorites or old classics, Soundbar 600 gifts are sure to be the hits of many cozy movie nights.

Hits of cozy movie nights.

Aside from the two featured products, the value of Bose gifts was on clear display throughout all parts of the episode, including in comments and discussions from the audience. Viewers who RSVP’d were able to submit questions for the episode. Three featured submitters each asked for more details on Bose’s employee motivation incentives; they all received their own pair of QC Earbuds II as a thank you, kicking off the season of giving in style.

For more details, watch the full broadcast here. And explore more innovative Bose gifting options in our newest ZOOMcustom flyers and catalogs. With “a season of traditions, a season of rewards” just around the corner, get in touch today to incorporate these premium audio gifts into your holiday strategy. Reach out using the contact form below or call us at 888-862-9283.

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