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Employee incentives are often geared toward recreation and fun. While this can be an effective approach, it’s sometimes important to offer employee rewards that not only fit seamlessly into a staff member’s life but also improve it. With this in mind, Bose Sleepbuds™ II make for the perfect wellness-minded gift.

Sleep — finally — with Bose Sleepbuds ™ II

Adequate, restful sleep is critical for healthy brain function, peak workplace performance, and physical health, as well as emotional well-being. Despite sleep’s importance, 1 in every 3 adults fails to get a good night’s rest. And nearly two-thirds of all partnered adults have snoring partners who interrupt their sleep. Bose Sleepbuds™ II are another great wellness reward that could tackle this issue for your team.


Bose Sleepbuds™ II are engineered for sleep. They come complete with comfortable eartips and pre-loaded soothing sounds to keep unwanted noises from disturbing your slumber.

Sleep — finally — with Bose Sleepbuds™

Some of the additional features are:

  • Each earbud contains a rechargeable silver-zinc microbattery
  • Wireless connectivity, so no cords get in the way
  • Compatibility with the Bose Sleep app, which allows you to pick a soothing sound and choose both the volume and length of time you’d like it play
  • Wake-up alarms that play through the sleepbuds™ and avoid waking your partner or spouse

Corporate gifts for employee wellness

Both Sleepbuds™ II are a wellness-minded corporate gift designed to improve your team’s quality of life. Sign up for our member-only preferred pricing, give us a call at 888-862-9283 or contact us today to select the perfect employee wellness gift, incentive, or reward for your team.

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