Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones are the Best Corporate Gift for Fitness-Minded Employees

This incentive keeps up with your team’s workouts as they raise their game

Employee incentives should never be chosen at random. Quite the contrary, they should fit seamlessly into an employee’s life. A 2016 Fast Company article highlighted some of the country’s top rewards, which included several health-oriented options like ski passes, days off to explore the outdoors, and on-site acupuncture. These corporate gifts were chosen to truly benefit team members’ health and enhance their lifestyles. With Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones, you can do the same thing for your team.

No wires. No stopping you.

SoundSport Free headphones allow your team members to push further, with nothing holding them back. They offer a superior level of performance that matches the intensity of any workout.

The headphones’ StayHear®+ Sport tips keep them firmly planted in your ear while you move. Plus, their unique shape creates a gentle seal in your ear, boosting audio performance. The extended flexible wing also provides additional support and stability.

Sweat through your workout – with headphones that meet IPX4 standards

Better yet, SoundSport Free headphones are durable and weather resistant. They’ve been tested to meet an IPX4 rating, and they’re made of hydrophobic cloth that whisks away any sweat or moisture. Whether you’re running in the rain or pushing through a grueling gym workout, these headphones stand up to the test every time.

If you lose one, you can use the Bose Connect app to easily locate them. After your workout, store them in the magnetized case, which keeps them secure and charges them.

SoundSport® Free wireless headphones can be decorated with your corporate logo

Custom decoration available, for that personalized touch

The key to making your corporate brand – and your branded products – look great is choosing a product and decoration method that is just right for your project. Let us digitally imprint your corporate logo on the inside of the SoundSport Free case, and wow your customers and employees with that personalized touch.

To learn more about additional SoundSport options, give us a call at (888) 862-9283 or contact us today.

Let us Create a Custom Solution for You

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