Brand Spotlight Series: Make Every Week an Occasion to Give

Yearlong initiative to feature premium brands in three dynamic ways

For many of us, the New Year is all about reinvention – new diets, new hobbies, new goals and aspirations. A fresh start provides a clean slate and an opportunity to test out bold, new ideas. In that vein, Incentive Concepts is proud to announce an exciting extension of Incentive Concepts LIVE for 2024. Introducing the new “Brand Spotlight” series.

It’s easy for employee appreciation to fall on the backburner. Even if one of your New Year’s resolutions is to maintain a strong culture of rewards and recognition, other aspects of your business will likely take priority. Our “Brand Spotlight” series ensures corporate gifting stays front of mind all year long.

Premium rewards, innovative brands, every single week

Since 2020, Incentive Concepts LIVE has served as a powerful way to connect brands, sales representatives, and customers. The show has constantly evolved, complete with new features and an ever-expanding audience. In 2024, IC LIVE will continue to be the show that viewers have come to know and love, but it will be supported by expanded efforts under our “Brand Spotlight Series” initiative.

Each week, we’ll shine a light on an innovative brand partner in one of three ways: a weekly drop, a dedicated episode of IC LIVE, or a themed philanthropic event.

Weekly drops

Weekly drops will be sleekly produced videos that offer an exclusive look at select brands in the Incentive Concepts catalog. Lasting approximately 10 minutes, each Brand Spotlight video will explore the chosen brand’s story and any relevant giveback, charity, or sustainability efforts. The video will also dive deeper into one of the brand’s most popular products, highlighting key features, decoration options, and ways to incorporate it into gifting strategies. Throughout 2024, there will be 40 weekly drops.

LIVE broadcasts

Also in 2024, we’ll host one LIVE broadcast each month, totaling 12 for the year. Eight of those broadcasts will be IC LIVE episodes centered around a particular lifestyle theme and brand, with special guests, product demos, giveaways, and more.

Incentive Concepts LIVE 2024

The remaining four will be quarterly events focused on one of our most important core values – philanthropy. During each event, an Incentive Concepts team member will collaborate with one or more of our brand partners to honor a charitable cause. More than a product showcase, these broadcasts will show the true power of gifting and connect the dots between innovation, recognition, and generosity.

Every week, month, and quarter, we’ll keep the conversation going about employee incentives, ensuring that recognition shifts from a well-intentioned resolution to a long-lasting habit.

IC LIVE to kick off 2024 with Razor USA

Join us February 1 for the first Incentive Concepts LIVE episode of 2024. To celebrate National Fun at Work Day, members of our team will demo Razor USA products around our headquarters, embodying the spirit of the lighthearted holiday and showcasing a brand that has helped millions of kids – and kids at heart – bring the same joy to their everyday lives. Be sure to RSVP for “Riding Into 2024 with Razor USA” so you can join in on the fun.

Riding into 2024 with Razor USA

And stay tuned for exciting details on our forthcoming LIVE broadcasts, coming soon.

Whether it’s a weekly drop, a LIVE episode, or special charity-themed broadcast, every week of 2024 will be an occasion to give. Throughout the year, contact us at 888-862-9283 to explore the featured brands and products. For more specific needs, fill out our Request for Quote form. And be sure to sign up for our Preferred Pricing Membership to access exclusive catalogs, price sheets, and product photos.

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