Briggs & Riley Offers Performance Backpacks to Suit Every Lifestyle

Briggs & Riley backpacks: desirable employee rewards

Once reserved for school-age children, backpacks have become an everyday companion for today’s modern professional. The $16 billion industry continues to grow because its appeal is limitless. From busy young professionals to new college students, backpacks offer unparalleled utility, performance, and durability—regardless of the wearer’s lifestyle. They also serve as purposeful employee rewards, and Briggs & Riley boasts some of the most functional and well-designed options on the market. The versatile options are perfect for busy professionals and students.

The Baseline Traveler Backpack is perfect for active employees

The Baseline Traveler Backpack is a multi-functional masterpiece. It offers separate compartments for electronics and accessories, and a private packing area for clothing. With its padded, ergonomic shoulder straps, employees will be navigating through their travels in comfort. This is the perfect incentive for the active guys and gals in the office or for family members heading to campus, the gym, or a weekend getaway. Keep your employees active with the Baseline Traveler Backpack.

Baseline Traveler Backpack

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Rhapsody backpacks make stylish event gifts

The Rhapsody backpack collection is a stylish alternative with a sleek exterior and tons of functionality. The lightweight micro nylon fabric is water- and dirt-resistant. The spacious interior was designed with supreme organization in mind, and the bag pairs perfectly with hard-sided Sympatico spinners. This is a great reward to help a younger, fashion-minded employee make a splash on his or her first day at the office. Rhapsody backpacks are stylish and make perfect on-the-go event gifts for your next function.

Rhapsody backpacks

ZDX backpacks: the ultimate employee incentive

ZDX is a casual, sophisticated collection that reflects the way we live and travel today. ZDX backpacks are meticulously engineered bags that blend performance, style, and comfort. The main compartments are large enough to house all your essentials—workout clothes, reports, shoes, devices. These backpacks represent the ultimate employee incentives for team members who are always on the go.

Additionally, every Briggs & Riley piece is covered by the company’s simple as that® lifetime guarantee —a comprehensive lifetime warranty that ensures these backpacks stand the test of time. Briggs and Riley backpacks are highly desirable employee gifts.

Backpacks are well-received employee incentives that check all the boxes—style, comfort, and function. To select Briggs & Riley backpacks for your team, explore our full selection, call us at 888-862-9283, sign up for our preferred pricing membership, or contact us to get started.

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