Employee Appreciation Day: Celebrate Your Company’s Most Valuable Resource

Employee gifts boost morale and build a culture of recognition

The first Friday of March marks Employee Appreciation Day, an unofficial holiday created to celebrate every company’s most valuable resource – its employees. Companies give employee gifts to increase employee morale and build a culture of recognition. The day is observed every year in the U.S., UK, and Canada and was established in response to Boss’s Day.

Employee Appreciation Day serves as a reminder that both leadership and staff need to be recognized to do their best work. In fact, a culture of constant rewards and recognition helps lower employee turnover rates, boosts engagement numbers, and improves employee’s overall trust and happiness within the organization.

Ways to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

When it comes to celebrating Employee Appreciation Day, there are several ways to give thanks and show that you respect and value your team’s contribution.

Give employee appreciation gifts

Nothing shows appreciation like a thoughtful gift. Incentive Concepts is committed to delivering the best gifts, better service, and we provide several incentive solutions for multiple budgets and product categories, including recreational games from Escalade Sports, premium luggage from Briggs & Riley, and high-tech audio from Bose. Additionally, our Your Event Card program gives employees the gift of choice, allowing them to choose from a range of options and have their gift delivered to their front door.

Celebrate milestone birthdays

Everyone likes to be wished a happy birthday on their special day and it doesn’t take a lot to organize a themed get-together on a teammate’s milestone birthday. Order a cake, ask for teammates to chip in for gifts, and personalize the occasion based on the employee’s favorite sports team, activity or unique trait.

Cater lunch for employees

Let employees know that lunch is on you and order a full spread from a popular local restaurant. Make sure to include dessert!

Let employees know that lunch is on you and order a full spread from a popular local restaurant

Build a culture of recognition

Use this day to start establishing some permanent recognition behaviors that ensure employees feel appreciated year-round. Our Fitness and Wellness brands can help you create a happier and healthier workplace with incentives like Life Fitness exercise equipment, Human Touch massage chairs, eco-friendly Natural Fitness yoga products, and more.

Our Workplace Solutions can help you create a happier and healthier workplace with incentives like a break room remodel, employee workstations, or a fitness center

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day, what’s most important is that you understand the power of rewards and recognition. Not sure where to begin? Give us a ring at 888-862-9283 or contact us today to start planning.

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