Celebrate the Holidays with the Your Platinum Gift Program

The turnkey-easy solution is perfect for virtual gifting

Holiday gifting for employees can be difficult – how do you find gifts that fit everyone’s tastes while adhering to your budget and timeframe? Not to mention, this year, there are additional elements of complexity, due to ongoing supply chain problems and possible limitations on in-person gatherings. Even if you start shopping early, you may not be able to get every item on your list, and the process could become overwhelming. Incentive Concepts’ Your Platinum Gift program is the perfect way to sidestep these issues and deliver meaningful, personalized gifts regardless of the circumstances. Virtual gifting for corporations help employers who are dedicated to providing a perfect gift experience.

The turnkey-easy solution is perfect for virtual gifting

Platinum Gift – Maintaining a culture of recognition

The Your Platinum Gift program is a turnkey-easy recognition solution that rewards employees with the gift of choice.

First, work with the Incentive Concepts team to build a custom selection of premium gifts from renowned global brands. Every aspect of this gift assortment can be tailored to your individual needs. Seamlessly curate a Your Platinum Gift catalog based on your budget, the number of gifts you’d like to offer, and the types of gifts that fit recipients’ interests.

After finalizing gift options, distribute physical Your Platinum Gift cards in person or via mail. Or utilize our white-labeled virtual e-delivery option. Both options can be accompanied by a personalized message from the company’s CEO or another leader of your choice.

Lastly, and most importantly, recipients can visit YourPlatinumGift.com to select their gift at their convenience. The monetary value of the products is omitted from both the card and the redemption platform, emphasizing the value of the gifting experience over the price tag. Employee incentives and rewards are shipped to their front door the moment the gift is available.

Lastly, and most importantly, recipients can visit YourPlatinumGift.com to select their gift at their convenience

The Your Platinum Gift program relieves the headaches of appealing to a wide range of interests; buying and shipping gifts early; and navigating numerous supply chain and delivery issues. Instead, you can offer an array of incentives, let employees select the best gift on their terms, and leave the shipping to us. Also, for those companies recognizing employees throughout the country, Your Platinum Gift cards are an easy way to incorporate dynamic gifting into holiday gifting strategies.

Customizable holiday gifting experiences

Aside from tailoring the gift selection to your criteria, nearly every other part of the Your Platinum Gift process is customizable. Both the physical Your Platinum Gift presentation and virtual cards feature your company branding. The redemption site features your branding as well. Even Your Platinum Gift’s ZOOM flyer, which can help you generate excitement amongst the team or pitch the program to executive leadership, can be customized to include your company branding and information.

Every step of the way, you can create a truly personalized gifting experience for employees, business partners, and customers, and you can do it all from afar.

It’s never too early to start making holiday magic. Contact us today using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283 to learn more about the Your Platinum Gift program and start curating your selections.

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