Celebrate Summer with ‘Heritage + Home’ Recipes and Cookware from Nordic Ware

Create smoky dishes with kettle smokers and grillware

It’s officially grilling season, with one of the year’s most popular grilling holidays (Fourth of July) in the rearview mirror and the other (Labor Day) – on the horizon.

Whether it’s a lively backyard party, rustic camping trip, or relaxing afternoon at the park, barbecue dishes are always a welcome addition. And now’s the perfect time to help your employees, business partners, and customers upgrade or expand their tools with kettle smokers or premium grillware from Nordic Ware.

Smokin’ good flavor with the Nordic Ware Smoker Collection

There’s nothing like a wood-fired pizza, beef brisket, or BBQ pulled pork sandwich, all smoked to perfection and paired with other classic summer foods. Achieve that quintessential smoky flavor with selections from Nordic Ware’s timeless Smoker Collection.

The Kettle Smoker has a high-dome cover that allows you to smoke whole chickens and ducks, with room to spare. This smoker is also perfect for dry smoking pizza or jerky-style chicken, and it comes loaded with all the essentials for a complete meal – a base pan, water pan, nonstick smoking rack, thermometer, wood chips, and a recipe booklet to inspire ideas.


If you have less space or you’re strapped for time, the Personal Size Stovetop Kettle Smoker is a smaller option that’s easy to use and works equally well indoors on the stovetop or out back. Use this smoker for dry and wet smoking and achieve professional quality results for a wide range of foods, from smoked meat, game, and fish to veggies and pizza.

For smoking experts and beginners alike, the Nordic Ware smoker collection has the right smoker to meet your needs.

Fun grilling necessities for all cuisines

Beyond its premium smokers, Nordic Ware has everything you need to prep, cook, and serve your delectable dishes. These fun grilling accessories will make any BBQ a hit.

Use the Stuffed Burger Maker & Patty Press to build made-to-order burgers for your guests and carry all your prepped foods to the grill with the 3-in-1 Grill Tray. Infuse rich flavors into your favorite foods with fun extras like the Beer Can Chicken Roaster. And when dinner’s ready, use the 2 Pack Burger Serving Trays and Stainless Steel Grill ‘N Serve Plate to show off your culinary creations.

For all your other entertaining needs, from bakeware and cookware to kitchenware and microwave-safe dishes, Nordic Ware has a full catalog of high-quality products designed to last a lifetime.

Take our Summer Grilling Quiz to plan the perfect menu

If you’re not sure what to make or which tools you’ll need for your next barbecue, take our Summer Grilling Quiz to find out.

After, contact us using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283 to explore Nordic Ware’s full product line and start selecting grilling gifts for your team.

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