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As Americans spend more and more time at home, baking has become a go-to activity. It offers stress relief after tense workdays, and it doubles as a way to build community, through hashtags like #QuarantineBaking. And its popularity is set to grow even more on World Baking Day, which takes place May 17. Our bakeware company gifts include Bundt® pans, loaf pans, cookie sheets, and more.

Bakeware incentives from Nordic Ware are the perfect way to help your staff and business partners join in on the fun, practice their skills, and create Instagram-worthy desserts. Our Vice President of Sales Kevin Hagan highlighted several Nordic Ware gift options during our recent Incentive Concepts LIVE Home Products Showcase.


Famous for its classic Bundt® pan, Nordic Ware has manufactured premium bakeware for more than 70 years. The brand’s quality products are long-lasting and designed to be passed down through generations. Thus, it’s only right that we’ve included Nordic Ware’s products in our curated collection of solutions to help you refresh your home for work, play and family.

Bakeware rewards and incentives to make delicious treats

Our bakeware rewards and incentives are meaningful gifts for your employees and their family. Nordic Ware offers bakeware for all types of desserts and tasty treats for the family. The Magnolia Bundt® Pan makes it easy to create a loaf with intricate floral detail. It’s a simple way to add some pizzazz to the classic lemon Bundt cake.

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The Harvest Bounty Loaf is great for adding fluffy textures to a more traditional loaf of bread. For other delectable baked treats, look to the Grand Popover Pan and Copper Cookie Sheet, which works well for classic cookie recipes or more advanced techniques, like those that use cookie stamps.

Additionally, the Naturals® 5 Piece Baking Set has everything you need for a wide variety of goodies, including a 12-cup muffin pan, 13 x 9 cake pan, and an interchangeable lid that fits both the muffin and cake pans.

Naturals® 5 Piece Baking Set

Durable kitchenware incentive gifts for mixing and storing

Nordic Ware also has several kitchenware incentive gifts to make the baking process seamless. The 8 Piece Covered Mixing Bowl Set includes a variety of microwave-safe bowls to help with mixing, prepping and storing, and the Bundt® Pan with Translucent Cake Keeper is specially equipped to keep Bundt cakes fresh and easily portable.

Beyond baking, Nordic Ware’s product catalog includes several high-quality options for cookware, microwaving, outdoor cooking, and cooking sets.

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Baking is a fun way to pass the time, feed your family, and create a sense of connection with others from afar. Nordic Ware corporate gifts are fun products to make delicious creations that are equally popular on social media and the kitchen table.

Call us at 888-862-9283 or contact us today to explore all of Nordic Ware’s incentive gifts for delicious baking and cooking. And don’t miss out on our monthly drawing via our Preferred Pricing Membership registration.

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