Celebrate Your Team’s Finest Hour with The Seiko Event

Reward your team as they work remotely

Across the professional world, we’ve entered a new era defined by significant change. Businesses are getting creative about keeping their teams connected, they’re discovering new ways to serve their customers, and they’re navigating a rapidly changing market. One brand that has repeatedly handled large-scale change with grace is Seiko.

One example of the brand’s skillful flexibility is its recent revamp of the Seiko 5 Sports line, a performance-focused collection that has delivered reliability, durability, and value for over 50 years. To continue serving customers at a high level, Seiko ended the lifecycle of all its older Seiko 5 models and rebirthed the classic timepiece with a fresh new look.

And likewise, in this evolving era of business, The Seiko Event can help you deliver classic gifts to your team, business partners, or customers with a fresh new approach.

Even as employees work remotely, there are still bold, meaningful ways to reward your team during important moments.

The Seiko Event: timeless rewards for big achievements

The Seiko Event is a luxury reward event that’s specially designed to recognize important milestones and accomplishments, such as employee achievements or exceptional sales performances. Seiko’s timeless rewards leave long-lasting impressions.

The event exclusively features Seiko watches, which are classic and enduring like the valuable team members you’re recognizing. Each watch serves as a symbol of innovation, quality, and craftsmanship, and gifting one to your employees can make an already important moment even more memorable.

Seiko’s heritage

Though Seiko is a popular brand today, its success is built on heritage. Founded in 1881, Seiko has been a global leader in watchmaking for more than 130 years. It was the first company in the world to launch a pocket watch in 1895 and went on to introduce the first quartz watch in 1969 and the first GPS solar watch in 2012. With so many achievements under its belt, this brand knows a thing or two about celebrating momentous occasions.

The brand is most well-known for its four pillar collections:

  • Prospex – an active collection for sports lovers and streetwear fans.
  • Presage – a heritage collection focused on craftsmanship and quality.
  • Diamonds – a collection that exudes elegance.
  • Coutura – a fashion-forward collection that elevates everyday style.

In short, there’s a Seiko watch for every employee and every moment.

How to plan The Seiko Event for employees & customers

You can execute The Seiko Event in one of two ways – as a dynamic in-person event or digitally through the Your Event Card platform.

Planning The Seiko Event for employees and customers is turnkey easy:

  1. Set your date and venue (or just a date range for the Your Event Card) to get started, and we’ll walk you through the entire process.
  2. Select your reward level based on your budget, group size, and employee demographics.
  3. Then, sit back and relax while we handle the rest.
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The Seiko Event is a timeless and impactful way to commemorate those special moments, whether you’re back at corporate HQ or working from afar. To plan your Seiko Event and explore other Event Gifting options, call us at 888-784-0855 or tell us about your event today.


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