Conquer Spring Cleaning with Premium Home & Lawn Incentives

Seasonal checklist with premium rewards for the home

It’s officially time for spring cleaning, a period when we all shake the dust off our furniture, clear the leaves from the gutters, and rediscover the beauty of our homes. While it’s dreaded by some and enjoyed by others, the process benefits everyone in ways big and small.

Inside, this annual ritual can help us find lost items, purge clothing and gadgets we don’t need, and declutter, leading to better organization and greater satisfaction with our home’s cleanliness. Outdoors, a little bit of sweat equity can boost a home’s curb appeal. And overall, there are health benefits, too – the intensity of spring cleaning gets us moving, helps us destress, and ensures we’re breathing in cleaner air.

Spring cleaning is a broad term, however. It includes everything from dusting high shelves to power washing porches. Thus, it can be difficult to figure out what needs to get done and when to do it. But fear not – our streamlined checklist features essential tasks with premium rewards and incentives to help you and your employees conquer spring cleaning with confidence.

Task 1: Employee rewards to make the indoors sparkle

Kick off spring-cleaning project indoors with employee rewards. One room at a time, you can refresh and rejuvenate the spaces where you live, work, and play.

Go after less frequently cleaned spots in the kitchen – scrub the oven, wipe down appliances like the microwave and coffeemaker, clear out cabinets and clean shelves, and, though it can be scary, mop up whatever’s lurking behind the fridge.

In the bedrooms, living room, dining room, and hallways, suck up every stray crumb with Kärcher’s Cordless 2-in-1 Stick Vacuum and Handheld Vacuum. Lightweight and powerful, this versatile vacuum works practically anywhere in your house. The constant suction power is especially useful on carpeted floors but works on hard floors, too. The floor nozzle has a 180-degree hinge that makes it easy to maneuver around sofas, chairs, and tables. And the brushless high-speed motor and motorized carpet nozzle are sure to get every dust bunny.


Before you wrap things up, don’t forget about smaller areas like your home office and laundry room.

Task 2: Garage gifts for a spotless garage

Garages don’t always seem ripe for cleaning – they’re home to woodworking projects, dirty vehicles, tools, and lots of other equipment that doesn’t belong inside. But that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked during spring cleaning. These garage gifts will make cleaning easier.

Use the Poulan Pro 2-cycle Blower/Vac to get leaves and dirt out of hard-to-reach crevices.

Then, inspect and lubricate the garage doors, wash the windows, and give the whole space a good hose out. Finish up with Kärcher’s WD4 Wet/Dry Vacuum. With an 1800-watt motor and 5.3 gallons of wet or dry capacity, you have the power and space to clean up remaining liquids, specks of dirt, and anything else you may encounter.

Task 3: Tackle the outdoors with lawn incentives and rewards

Of course, a healthy home is one that’s clean inside and out.

For the first mow of the season, power up the Troy-Bilt SpaceSavr™ Self-Propelled Mower, with front wheel drive and a 3-year warranty for extended peace of mind. Or, try one of our Honda Lawn Mower packages the include a selection of accessories like work gloves, safety glasses, gas cans, and more.

Troy-Bilt - TB260 XP SpaceSavr™ Self-Propelled Mower

Then, use the AR Blue Clean 2300 Max PSI – 1.7 GPM – Electric Pressure Washer to spray down fences, walkways, siding, and decks to restore their vibrancy and original color.

No matter the size of the home or the degree of cleaning difficulty, there are plenty of premium rewards for the home and lawn to make light work of spring cleaning. Contact us today using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283 to work these gifts into your recognition plans. Be sure to sign up for our Preferred Pricing membership and get preferred pricing on incentives and rewards.

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