Create the Ultimate Game Room with Gifts from Escalade Sports

Premium Gifts include air hockey, table tennis & billiards

Throughout 2020, Americans have turned to games for escapism, family bonding, and, of course, pure fun. Some families have opted for digital recreation, embracing everything from trivia and role-playing games on Zoom to virtual escape rooms. Others have looked to classic board games for a bit of nostalgia. As we near the holidays and more activities move indoors, games will likely take on an even bigger role in households across the country. Escalade Sports has the perfect premium gifts to turn the average game room into a next-level arcade.

Incentive rewards for a rec room transformation

Turn an everyday basement into an arcade-quality rec room with one of American Legend’s skillfully crafted, classic game tables. The Kirkwood 9’ LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table features a rustic woodgrain finish, grey carpeted gutters, and K-shaped legs for a traditional look. But the LED light up rails give it contemporary functionality. Even better, the Shuffleboard Table comes with a full bonus bowling game set, offering two games for the price of one.

The Manhattan 54” Foosball Table is unique and modern, with soft grip handles for comfortable play and chrome-finished built-in scoring. American Legend’s catalog also includes several pool and air hockey tables. These incentive rewards give every home a space where family members and friends can spend quality time.

Portable gifts for fun anywhere, anytime

For those who want to take play from the game room to the patio or from home to the office, Triumph Sports and Stiga offer portable gifts with game tables that are easy to transport, set up, and break down.

Triumph Sports’ 72” Popup Air Hockey Table is foldable, air-powered, and can be played anywhere. Though it’s portable, this table doesn’t skimp on style or durability – it has a sleek, carbon-fiber top rail with blue, ABS bevel-edge trim accents for an arcade look that holds up in game after game. The brand’s 6’ Popup Portable Folding Billiard Table offers the same quality, with stylish blue cloth, fiber-finished top rails, and a popup frame that’s easy to assemble.

The brand’s 6’ Popup Portable Folding Billiard Table offers the same quality, with stylish blue cloth, fiber-finished top rails, and a popup frame that’s easy to assemble.

Stiga’s 6’ Popup Table Tennis Table is extremely lightweight and requires no tools or assembly.  Set it up in minutes and let the games begin.

Air hockey gift incentives for every style

Atomic has a wide range of air hockey gift incentives with tables tables to suit both traditional and modern game rooms. The Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table features a timeless woodgrain finish, heavy-duty quality construction, and functionality that transforms it into an air-powered hockey table, table tennis table, or dining table. On the more modern side, the 7.5’ Indiglo LED Light Up Arcade Air-Powered Hockey Table becomes the centerpiece of any room with blue LED-illuminated exterior legs, in-rail LED lighting, in-game music, and LED electronic scoring.

Multipurpose rewards for a fun work environment

Games can also liven up the office. Stiga’s multipurpose rewards include brand new conference tables with an elegant style of traditional office tables, but they can be converted into dining room tables or table tennis tables in seconds. And when game time is over, you can store paddles, balls, and the net in a hidden storage compartment in the center of the table. Stiga’s Conference Tables are available in Black and White, and they’re just one example of the many Workplace Solutions that Incentive Concepts offers to help create a culture of rewards and recognition.

Escalade Sports will share even more about its gaming options on the December 3 episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE. This special episode will feature a behind-the-scenes look at how Escalade Sports encourages its employees to get active, have fun and stay productive, including a tour of Club Maxwell, the company’s all-new rec room. The space is fully equipped with an indoor pickleball court, basketball hoops, table games, and much more.

Whether you’re looking to recognize top-performing employees or start planning your holiday gifting, Escalade Sports has something for everyone. Contact us or call us at 888-862-9283 today to discuss your corporate gifting needs for the holidays and be sure to ask about our Preferred Pricing membership.


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