‘Do What You Love. More.’ with Hyperice’s Wellness Incentives

Introduction of Core and Hyperice X for rewards and incentives

Hyperice – recently named one of Fast Company magazine’s most innovative companies – was already known for its groundbreaking percussive massage devices. But with an expansive new product release, the company has reoriented itself as a high-performance wellness brand. Its newest campaign, “Do What You Love. More.”, features top athletes like Naomi Osaka and Patrick Mahomes and shows Hyperice’s focus not just on athletic performance but on living an active, healthy, and fulfilling life. Watch Incentive Concepts LIVE episode about Core and Hyperice X rewards and incentives.

In the September 30 episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE, Hyperice’s Business Development Director Brendan Bergson rejoined us, along with fellow Business Development Director and first-time guest Star Sage, to discuss the brand’s newest wellness devices and share more about its revolutionary performance therapy solutions.

Hyperice’s wellness rewards boosted by new technologies

Brendan kicked things off with a brief overview of Hyperice, emphasizing that the wellness technology company uses a suite of products to help individuals move and feel better. Over the last decade, their product development has been driven by learnings from elite athletes at organizations like the NFL, NBA, PGA TOUR, and USA Soccer. The resulting products have helped both high-performing and everyday athletes do more of what they love.

After Star shared the unique origin of her name and a bit about her background in sports management, both Brendan and Star launched into the newest products.

The Hypervolt 2 and Hypervolt 2 Pro wellness rewards were released in recent months. Both products improve upon Hyperice’s existing Hypervolt technology, with new, sleeker designs, more power, more ergonomic handles, extended battery life, and the same great performance.

Most exciting, however, were two new technologies that Hyperice recently acquired – the Hyperice X contrast modality, an electric knee sleeve that uses only air to get ice cold or hot within 60 seconds, and the Core by Hyperice meditation trainer, which provides real-time biofeedback about the user’s state of mental wellness.

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Star dove into Core’s specifics, explaining how the device measures the user’s heartrate during meditation and then vibrates and pulses to guide individuals through more effective sessions. She shared that the San Francisco Giants have used Core before games to improve focus, and all individuals can reap the same benefits for greater concentration and productivity.

Star also spoke to the importance of mental health in sports, citing celebrities like Simone Biles and Hyperice athlete Naomi Osaka, who have been prominent advocates for better mental health in professional competition. Additionally, she described ways that Core could help individuals beyond sports, by positively impacting workplaces and encouraging team building.

Throughout the episode, viewers had a chance to win their own Core device and a one-year membership to Core’s premium meditation content.

Brendan closed out the broadcast with a preview of other forthcoming releases, including the Vyper 3 and portable Vyper Go, which are updates on the brand’s vibrating foam roller. He also shared that the brand will continue to gather feedback and insights from athletes who are using these and other Hyperice wellness products in the field.

Incentive Concepts wellness gifts and incentives

To explore Core and Hyperice X (both of which are coming soon to Incentive Concepts’ lineup), and Hyperice’s full range of health and wellness products, contact us using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283. And to make holiday magic with one of the brand’s groundbreaking wellness gifts and incentives, order today to ensure on-time delivery.

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