Elevate Your Everyday with Premium Products from Corkcicle

IC LIVE features Corkcicle tumblers and drinkware

Whether you’re working from home or transitioning back to the office, the days can feel a bit predictable. A recent TIME article suggested a simple solution to mix things up –  look for happiness, even if it’s in the little things. It could be a new coffee flavor, a rewarding workout, or an improvised cocktail recipe. These moments, big and small, can keep us going throughout the day, and Corkcicle is right there to make each experience even more enjoyable with Corkcicle tumblers and drinkware.

The brand’s stylish, multi-use drinkware took centerstage during the February 4 episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE, “Elevate Your Day With Corkcicle”.


Incentive Concepts Director of Marketing Andy Hudson, along with first-time co-host Stephanie Koebele (Fashion Brand Advisor), welcomed special guests from Corkcicle – Meredith Hollandsworth, Director of Product, and Kim Ballerene, Custom Products Manager. Together, they highlighted Corkcicle’s key products and offered insight into what drives the brand’s continued innovation.

Incentive Rewards for every part of your day

Kim kicked off the conversation by speaking about the brand’s appeal, including its fashion-forward design, each product’s versatility, and how the mix of style and utility makes customers feel special.

Additionally, she described how products from Corkcicle’s expansive catalog can move with you through every part of your day. The stainless steel 16-ounce Mug is perfect for the morning and keeps coffee or tea warm for up to three hours. At lunchtime, you can grab your meal from one of the brand’s newly launched soft goods, like its cooler or lunch tote (which Incentive Concepts plans to launch this spring). You can sip throughout the day from the Slim Arctican, which keeps 12-ounce cold beverages chilled with its cooling core base.

During your evening workout, you can stay hydrated with the 25-ounce Canteen and then finish the day with a nightcap in your Stemless Wine Cup. Both come in an array of colors and finishes from gloss white to gunmetal and rose metallic to turquoise.

Whatever the day has in store, Corkcicle incentive rewards help you glide from morning to night in style. During the broadcast, one lucky viewer had the chance to elevate their everyday with a special giveaway bundle that included a Mug, Lunch Tote, Canteen, and Stemless Wine Glass.

Premium gifts with thoughtful designs

What makes Corkcicle premium gifts stand out is the brand’s combination of fashion-forward design and functional features, like the silicone bottom on many of its products. Meredith said these details are inspired by two questions – does it feel special and would the design team want to gift each product to their own loved ones?

She also spoke about the brand’s most popular color, Dragonfly. The beautiful, color-changing hue was created to bring moments of joy to places where customers least expected them, like when they reached for a sip of water after a tough workout. The Stemless Wine Cup Tumbler, and Canteen are available in Dragonfly as well as a special Stemless Glass and Canteen Bundle.

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Additionally, Meredith touched briefly on the popularity of the Whiskey Wedge, which HGTV recently featured as a top Valentine’s Day gift option for him. The Whisky Wedge features a freezer strength glass and a silicon wedge ice form; the resulting ice wedge melts slowly, thus retaining the full flavor of the drink. It’s currently available as a 2-Pack or as part of a bundle with the Cigar Glass.

Incentive Concepts also offers other Corkcicle bundles. Options like the Tumbler, bottle brush, and stainless steel straws bundle serve as thoughtful, complete gift sets.

And later in the conversation, Stephanie highlighted customization options for the brand’s products, sharing that most Corkcicle items can be decorated with a company logo by means of printing or laser etching.

New Corkcicle products on the horizon

Earlier in the broadcast, Meredith expressed excitement about where the brand was headed, stating that though they’ve been around since 2010, they’re just getting started. In that spirit, she closed out the episode by looking ahead to the summer, when Corkcicle will launch more products with color-changing designs and prismatic effects. The feel will be celebratory, to bring joy and happiness.

Incentive Concepts will also add new, exciting Corkcicle products, like the coolers and lunch totes, to our catalog later this spring. To explore all things Corkcicle and elevate your everyday, contact us using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283.

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