9 Employee Gift Ideas for Your Office Staff and Team

Employee Gift Ideas That Will Inspire Your Team’s best work

These employee gift ideas will inspire your team for all their hard work. Recognition awards have great significance.  Writer and lecturer Dale Carnegie once said, “People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise, and rewards.”  Employee rewards often provide an extra push that leads to greater employee productivity, team synergy, and overall business results.

However, it’s important to choose corporate gifts that are thoughtful, useful, and of the highest quality for employee gifts.  The following employee gift ideas satisfy these criteria while also offering expansive variety to suit your team’s wide-ranging interests.

Luggage and Bags Are Perfect Incentive Gifts For Employees

Skyway - Sigma 5.0 16" Shoulder Tote

The 16-inch Tote features several front pockets to keep personal items and electronics conveniently close at hand.


Whether you’re searching for travel luggage or bags that your employees can incorporate into their everyday lives, our selection covers both needs for incentive gifts for employees.  The Skyway Sigma 5.0 Shoulder Tote is sleek, lightweight, and durable—perfect for a quick getaway.  The COACH Clutch is ideal for the fashionista who needs to carry the essentials.  And the Briggs & Riley Transcend Toiletry Kit easily stores personal items in a suitcase or carry-on.

Cooking and Home Incentive Rewards

Pizza Stone Grill Set

The set includes a resilient 33.0 cm pizza stone, able to withstand rapid temperature changes, high grade stainless cradle and wooden pizza peel.


Great incentive rewards are ones your team can use repeatedly, and the following cooking and home options make great additions to any household.  The Broil King Pizza Stone Grill Set makes homemade pizza a reality—without the mess.  The Lodge 3.2-quart Iron Combo Cooker serves all cooking needs from frying to broiling, and it comes complete with 2 scrapers, and hot hand holders for both pieces.

Fitness Gifts

Natural Fitness - Beginner Yoga Kit

Our Eco-Smart Yoga Mat is a perfect choice for beginners because the material is easy to clean and provides excellent non-slip traction.


There are fitness gifts for your active employees, too.  The Lifeline Extreme Training Pack enables tough workouts on the go, and the Natural Fitness Beginner Yoga Kit provides the perfect intro to a regular yoga practice.

Entertainment Corporate Gifts

Bullshooter - Illuminator dartboards

Choose from multiple games with a stylish Bullshooter Illumintaor Electronic Dartboard.


For entertainment corporate gifts, the Bose® SoundLink® Micro Bluetooth® speaker offers unparalleled sound for a speaker of its size while our Bullshooter Illuminator dartboards allow the family to enjoy game night without worrying about having to keep score.

These incentives, which also double as meaningful customer gifts, are the perfect way to boost morale and motivation.  Visit our Product page to explore these corporate gifts in greater detail, gift us a call at (888) 862-9283 or contact us and someone from our team will get right back to you.

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