Employee Incentives
“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” -Vince Lombardi, Legendary American Football coach
Engaged employees work harder, stay longer, and contribute positively to an organization's culture.

Employee Gifts

A job well done is its own reward. Still, employee gifts and incentives are an effective tool for employee rewards and recognition, communicating both an organization’s expectations and its appreciation when they are met.

Sales Incentives

Sales Incentives are one of the most common types of incentive programs. By motivating your sales force you will inspire them to hit and exceed sales goals, ultimately leading to increased revenues. By using sales incentives for a predetermined period of time you will be able to easily and effectively engage your team, track progress, and at the end of the program calculate your ROI.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty incentives will keep your company top of mind when your customers are deciding between your services or one of your competitors. Whether a gift with purchase, sweepstakes opportunity, or ongoing point based program, your customers will be more likely to choose you if they have the chance to earn something.

Safety Awards

Safety Awards have become a recent trend in the incentive world. With rising insurance premiums and the threat of lawsuits, keeping your laborers safe and aware of their surroundings is paramount. Use safety awards as a way to recognize them for being incident free.

Years of Service or Anniversary

Anniversary Programs are a great way to recognize and reward your employees for reaching longevity milestones. One of the most established types of incentives, they have proven very effective throughout the years. In a time when employee retention is very low, it is a great way to keep your best employees.

Let us Create a Custom Solution for You

The word “Incentives” can mean different things to different people and can be confusing and even intimidating. But boiled down to its simplest terms, an incentive is anything that is designed to modify and drive behavior to an ultimate goal. Whether it’s for employees, customers, or prospects, Incentive Concepts delivers brands that will help you achieve your goals.