Event Gifting Crafts Memorable Experiences for Every Interest

Turnkey process matches event needs with new lifestyle themes

Though employee incentives have a positive effect in any form, recognition events remain one of the most dynamic and memorable ways to reward your team. This effectiveness is what underscores Incentive Concepts’ versatile Event Gifting programs. During various meetings, events, and incentive trips, we’ve tailored our events to location, headcount, and budget to ensure every gift resonates.

In each instance, we’ve oriented our event gift offerings around select premium products in our portfolio, balancing the gift of choice with a specific focus on individual brands. However, with employee interests and recognition strategies shifting, our Event Gifting programs are evolving to meet the moment.

No matter the passions of the recipients on your list, our revamped events will help you show your appreciation in bold, new ways and transform your incentive gift programs.

A lifestyle approach to event gifting

The heart of our Event Gifting experiences and recognition events remain the same – we’re combining covetable rewards with unforgettable moments. But we’re elevating these incentive gift programs even further with a few notable changes.

First, our gifting collections are now curated by lifestyle themes instead of individual brands:

Though your employees may all serve the same mission and purpose, they each do so with their own style. This approach enables you to honor their uniqueness in a meaningful way while still delivering recognition at scale.

In addition to our new curated themes, we’ve also streamlined the look and feel of our events, adopting the sleek, minimal design of the experiences previously grouped under our Select Signature Collection. Modern tabletop treatments bring each theme to life, and the sophisticated aesthetic communicates the premium value of the gifts on offer.

And bringing it all together is a turnkey process that makes it easier than ever to host a winning event gifting experience. Simply share your event details with us – the purpose, the location, the budget, and the number of attendees – and we’ll present several themed ideas (complete with specific products) that not only spark interest but also check every box.

Be it theme, presentation, or logistics, our revamped incentive gift programs are designed to make recognition a stress-free and enjoyable affair for everyone involved.

Add premium events to your incentive gift programs today

Event gifting programs are incentive solutions that delivers year-round. Contact us now to incorporate a themed event experience into your holiday reward strategy. Or, if your holiday plans are finalized, get in touch during Q4 to discuss the major events on your calendar for 2023. Getting a head start is always a surefire way to make events successful but rest assured that our events team can turn around impressive events quickly to meet your timeline.

There’s also the option of our Event Card, a virtual gifting experience in which employees can choose their gift online and have it delivered to their doorstep. As part of this program, you can display sample products onsite to generate excitement. Attendees will then receive their Event Cards on the date you select and shop at their convenience.

In-person or virtual, now or later, our events team has you covered. Use the form below to reach out or call us at 888-784-0855.

Let us Create a Custom Solution for You

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