Gift Boxes That Give Relaunches with New Look and Themes

Revamped incentive program celebrates recipients & reimagines gift-giving

When Incentive Concepts first launched Gift Boxes That Give, our aim was to give everyday incentive gift programs more focus and excitement, elevating employee recognition and turning gift-giving into a special event for the recipient. That remains our goal – to emphasize the why over the what – but we’ve updated the incentive program initiative with a fresh design, new themes, and a revamped assortment of hand-selected brands. More than ever, Gift Boxes That Give upgrades corporate gift solutions and the art of gifting, for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Employee gift boxes featuring new look, same purpose

The core elements of Gift Boxes That Give are just as they were before – employee gift boxes are curated by theme and boast an array of premium incentives from brands in the Incentive Concepts catalog. But other elements of the initiative have been refreshed and reimagined.

Our bold, custom packaging is now more streamlined and compact, with an innovative design that’s equal parts modern and eye-catching, and an in-box label that commemorates the moment.


Also, each box’s products hail from brands with their own charitable, giveback, or environmentally conscious commitments. The inclusion of these brands aligns with one of our core values of being philanthropic; all of our Gift Boxes That Give ensure that the giving spirit extends far and wide to several causes or communities in need.

But perhaps the biggest update is the gifting itself. Purchasing one of our Gift Boxes That Give is a meaningful experience for the gift-giver, allowing them to reenergize their incentive gift programs with more imagination and enthusiasm. However, each recognition box offers recipients a memorable experience, too.

The cohesiveness of the product offering suggests a level of thoughtfulness and appreciation that may not be as noticeable with a single gift. Plus, the recipient can indulge in the excitement of opening a box, a feeling that’s reminiscent of holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. And beyond the initial excitement, there’s an element of discovery as they parse the box’s contents and learn about both the products they’ve received and the powerhouse brands behind them.


In short, Gift Boxes That Give is an initiative that’s at once a show of commitment, a gesture of kindness, and a remarkable event.

Corporate gift solutions with purpose

Along with the other elements of the program, we’ve also refreshed the boxes’ contents, in accordance with three new gifting themes – EMPLOYEE, BEACH, and GOLF. Additionally, while products from our renowned global brands still anchor each collection, supplemental high-quality products from additional brands round out each box for a complete experience. Employees can enjoy our corporate gift solutions with a purpose. These three gifting themes are fun for all.

  • ALL IN A DAY’S WORK gift boxes are perfect for work-related recognition and celebrations, be it new hire onboarding, achievement milestones, holidays, or a simple thank you for a job well done. Each gifting tier of this set of gift boxes features either Corkcicle’s 16 oz. Mug or 24 oz. Tumbler, and then additional rewards to elevate every day at the office.
  • UN-FORE-GETTABLE gift boxes make for a stunning premium award, most notably for charity golf tournaments. Celebrate all participating golfers as they arrive, with must-have gifts ranging from tee packs and Titleist golf balls to cooling towels and multi-tools.

No matter the theme or tier you choose, each box set ensures recipients will be equally delighted by why they’ve received the box and what’s inside.

To work Gift Boxes That Give into your employee rewards strategy, customize and share our Gift Boxes That Give ZOOMcustom flyer, contact us using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283. And be sure to ask about our Preferred Pricing membership.


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