How Paige Maintains Its Culture of Recognition While Working Remotely

Medical startup uses workplace solutions and incentives

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep teams connected and engaged with workplace solutions and incentives. The way we work may have changed, but the benefits of rewards and recognition haven’t. One company that exemplifies this and infuses its work culture with appreciation is Paige.

Paige is a software as a medical device startup whose AI products help pathologists make faster, more informed diagnostic and treatment decisions for cancer patients. The company’s work also helps further drug discovery and development efforts in the oncology field.

“We’re all driven towards our incredibly challenging mission of improving care for cancer patients,” said Helen Melville, Paige’s People and Operations Manager. We spoke with her to find out more about Paige’s approach to recognition and how the team is keeping that culture alive while working remotely.

Connectedness from day one

Paige’s people-first approach starts during the on-boarding process.

“During those first days of employment, the team goes out of their way to connect with new employees to ensure they know how happy we are to have them here,” Melville said.

Paige wants new hires to quickly understand how their role fits into the bigger picture, and the company accomplishes this by providing a comprehensive overview of each business function, followed by a deep-dive into role-specific training. There’s also an offsite team-building activity within new employees’ first weeks so they can get to know people who aren’t on their immediate team.

Then, these connections are maintained during a daily company-supplied lunch for all team members. “This has really fostered a strong unity across the whole company,” Melville added.

Connections are maintained during a daily company-supplied lunch for all team members

Incentive rewards with purpose

Paige has also focused on providing thoughtful, premium incentives for its team members, like Bose noise-cancelling headphones. “We focus on superior, high-impact products to improve the team’s quality of life in and out of work, and to also ensure they feel valued.”

“Noise-cancelling headphones are a must when you need a moment of concentration in a busy open-space office, a moment of quiet relaxation on a plane, or a moment of respite when your flatmate decides to play some music of questionable taste,” raved Alexandre, one of Paige’s engineering interns.

Melville added, “The quality of the product is key, as it’s a reflection of our company standards.”

Noise-cancelling headphones are a must when you need a moment of concentration in a busy open-space office

When deciding on team building activities, Paige seeks input directly from team members. “We’re still small, at 35 employees (and growing), so the process of choosing activities is something everyone contributes to,” Melville said. Past activities have taken them to rooftop bars, table tennis clubs, and escape rooms.  There’s even an inter-company soccer tournament.

Additionally, there’s a company-wide focus on giving back. Each year, the team takes part in the Cycle for Survival to raise money for cancer research.

Overcoming the challenges of remote work and motivating your team

Because Paige is a tech startup, the company was well-equipped for the transition to remote work. The team’s weekly TGIF meetings, during which company leaders highlight recent successes, happen via Zoom. Team members participate in daily plank exercises each morning at home. The company sends out regular care packages of snacks to all employees. And, there’s an informal Zoom link open to any team members who want to catch up over remote lunch.

“We do all miss that interaction of being in the office, but thankfully communications tools like Zoom and Slack have kept us in touch,” Melville said. “The Bose headphones have come in extra handy during these times, as they are helping many of our team members limit noise during calls and focus time.”

Paige is an inspiring example of how motivating your employees keeps teams united during tough times

Paige is an inspiring example of how motivating your employees keeps teams united during tough times. Incentive Concepts can help you and your team build an equally effective culture of recognition through our Remote Work Solutions and Workplace Solutions. Call our B2B/Workplace Solutions team at 888-784-0854 or contact us to find the right approach for your company.

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