Hyperice Joins IC LIVE to Help Viewers ‘Move Better, Live Better, Be Better’

Episode showcases name-brand rewards and recognition

Throughout the year, Incentive Concepts regularly hosts in-person Brand Showcases for buyers interested in name-brand rewards and recognition. These exclusive events offer insight into brands and showcase premium products, enriching attendees’ understanding and providing firsthand experience. During Episode 83 of Incentive Concepts LIVE – “Move Better, Live Better, Be Better” – we brought the Brand Showcase experience to our viewers, offering them an inside look at Hyperice, a leading innovator in the recovery, mobility, and performance space.

Hyperice Hypervolt 2 Pro

Throughout the broadcast, it was easy to see why Hyperice’s products make for impactful corporate gifts. Don’t miss this episode! It’s full of exciting ideas to promote better health and wellness for employees, partners, and customers.

Innovative Hyperice rewards and incentives for recovery on the go

To kick things off, Host Andy Hudson was joined by Brian Rivolta, Incentive Concepts’ Senior Vice President of Business Development. Brian discussed the inspiration for Brand Showcases, highlighting in-person connections and summarizing the events’ successes from previous years.

Then, a special highlight reel gave viewers an exclusive peek at the recent St. Louis Brand Showcase. Brendan Bergson, Senior Director at Hyperice, led the segment, speaking to Hyperice’s mission and product categories, including its percussive massage and heated devices. He also talked about partnerships, covering Hyperice’s professional sports relationships and praising the brand’s relationship with Incentive Concepts. Hyperice’s products are perfect rewards and incentives that help foster a culture of performance and achievement.


Brendan joined the broadcast later from Hyperice’s Boston office to offer a closer look at a few newly released products.

Before diving in, Andy highlighted a handful of viewer-submitted comments. Those who RSVP’d had a chance to nominate someone who could benefit from receiving a Hyperice gift. Betsy Sproul of Staples was a featured commenter and nominated her coworker, Laura Smith. As a thank you – to Laura for impacting her team and Betsy for participating – both received a Hypervolt Go 2 in the all-new black colorway. The moment of recognition provided the perfect transition to a clip about the device.

Supported by live video from Incentive Concepts’ “Fitness, Wellness, Fun” showroom, Brendan spoke about Hyperice’s Go line, sharing not only the new colorway but also the sleek design that enables recovery on the go.

He then introduced the Heated Head Attachment, which was inspired by the brand’s Venom line. Hyperice used the same technology to heat the percussive massage device head and incorporate greater recovery benefits.  A “Behind the Science” clip further explained this buzzy innovation and the ways it helps the body.


Brian shared some gifting strategies for viewers, speaking to the option of bundling the Hypervolt Go 2 with the Heated Head Attachment, stressing the value of name-brand products over less capable knockoffs. Brendan amplified the latter point by detailing Hyperice’s relationships with pro athletes and leagues. Those partnerships have helped the brand educate a general audience about the importance of effective recovery – and using high-quality products to achieve it.

To close out the broadcast, Andy read through a second round of viewer comments, ending with featured commenter Dalia Urbano, who recognized warehouse employee Jordan Shea. Both Dalia and Jordan also received their own Hypervolt Go 2’s. It was an inspiring note to end on.

Name-brand incentives and rewards for total wellness

Beyond the Hypervolt Go 2 and the Heated Head Attachment featured during the broadcast, Hyperice has a wide range of products to encourage both physical and mental wellness. Brendan briefly shared how professional U.S. gymnasts are using heated recovery products like the Venom 2 Back during competition. And the Normatec 3 Leg Recovery System – amusingly showed on Santa Claus’s legs – is also a great solution, delivering targeted leg massage on the go for everyone…including those delivering millions of gifts around the world in a single night.

For more details on Hyperice’s featured products, explore the brand’s complete lineup or customize and share our blank Move Better, Live Better, Be Better with Hyperice flyer. To start working these wellness incentives and rewards into your holiday gifting strategy or your wellness-themed event, contact us today at 888-862-9283. Fill out our Request for Quote form for more urgent needs and sign up for our Preferred Pricing Membership to access exclusive catalogs, price sheets, and product photos. Hyperice incentive rewards are a powerful way to drive employee motivation and productivity.

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