IC LIVE Kicks Off Summer With Cangshan Cutlery

Watermelon steak recipe guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser

Summer may not officially start until June 21, but with heatwaves sweeping the country, now’s the perfect time to fire up the grill. In that spirit, the most recent episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE focused on giving everyone a seat at the table regardless of their diet, especially when it comes to summer cookouts.

Incentive Concepts LIVE host and Director of Marketing, Andy Hudson, welcomed back Daniella Malfitano, better known as Chef D Malfi, and Todd Myers, Cangshan Cutlery’s VP of Sales, to share a delicious watermelon steak recipe and talk about why Cangshan’s remarkable knife sets serve as perfect seasonal corporate gift solutions. You can see the broadcast’s top moments in the highlight reel below.

Corporate gift solutions for all grilling tastes

Andy opened the episode by welcoming back Chef D Malfi and introducing Todd. Chef D Malfi is a plant-based chef who’s passionate about serving her community through food and making plant-based recipes easy to tackle. In a live demonstration, she prepared watermelon steaks while Todd showed the versatility of two Cangshan knife sets in presenting a reverse-seared steak prepped ahead of the livestream.

The watermelon steak recipe was both simple and mouth-watering. Ingredients included watermelon, salt, pepper, garlic powder, liquid smoke, and a soy sauce/balsamic olive oil marinade. Chef D Malfi recommended taking advantage of your local farmer’s markets to find a watermelon with a large yellow spot. Watermelons with these spots are the juiciest and sweetest, making them perfect for the recipe.

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Then, Chef D Malfi used two knives from her Cangshan 7-Piece S Series BBQ Set to make every part of the preparation phase quick and easy. The 7-Piece S Series BBQ Set comes complete with a slicing knife, butcher knife, vegetable knife, boning knife, carving fork, paring knife, blade guards, and a carrying case, making these sets ideal corporate gift solutions for any kitchen and one of many great incentives to motivate employees this grilling season. Additionally, both the carrying case and the wide variety of knives allow for both amateur grillers and grill masters to safely carry every tool they need, wherever they go.

Cangshan 7-Piece S Series BBQ Set

Going deeper, Todd highlighted that this knife set isn’t your normal BBQ set and is instead designed to meet all of your mincing, chopping, and dicing needs. He also delved into knife safety, sharing the importance of using a sharp knife every time. A dull knife can be dangerous because it cuts right through food with little control. Plus, the duller your knife is, the more pressure you’ll have to use to cut the food, which increases your risk of injury. A sharp knife gives cooks more control as they cut through everything from watermelons to traditional steaks.

Next, Chef D Malfi began preparing the watermelon steaks by using the 8-inch slicing knife to cut the watermelon into one-inch sections. The air pockets on the slicing knife ensure that the rind doesn’t stick to the knife during cutting. She switched to the 3.5-inch paring knife to pull the rind away, leaving just enough of the white section of the rind to prevent the watermelon from getting mushy when placed on the grill.

After everything was cut and prepared for cooking, she combined all of the ingredients and allowed the watermelon steak to marinate for 10 minutes before placing it rind side down for 2-3 minutes on a preheated pan. She then flipped it over and cooked it an additional 2-3 minutes. She mentioned the technique would be the same for grilling outside. Her end result was a fantastic grilled watermelon steak that looked nearly identical to a beef filet.

While Todd’s reverse-seared steaks were prepared ahead of time, he used the 8-Piece Rain II Series Steak Knife Set to demonstrate how the knives transform steak cutting. This particular set of knives is crafted from serrated stainless steel and never needs to be sharpened. Another great feature is that their beautiful design blends in with regular flatware, extending their use far beyond just cutting steak. The knife set also comes in a bamboo box with a magnetic lid for seamless, safe storage.

Watch the full episode to see the recipes and Cangshan’s knife sets in action.

Award-winning giveaways to elevate grilling season

Andy wrapped up the broadcast by welcoming Henry Liu, Founder and President of Cangshan Cutlery, and announced award-winning giveaways for a viewer to receive a S Series BBQ Set. To close things out, Henry shared some history about the company and its innovative approach to its knives. After seven years in business, the brand has won 32 design awards and is quickly becoming globally renowned, with expanding presence in China, Japan, and Germany. Cangshan’s quality products use six different premium steel types, all available at an accessible price point, which makes them the perfect incentives to motivate employees.

To recognize your team with fun, summer-themed corporate gift solutions, explore the full Cangshan catalog and contact us today using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283. Be sure to ask about our Preferred Pricing membership.

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