Incentive Concepts Team Attends Customer Service Reenergized Program

Featured speaker from The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center reinforces best practices for brand loyalty

At Incentive Concepts, we’re committed to delivering the best, better for each and every customer. We accomplish this in several ways—an unmatched selection of coveted corporate gifts, reward solutions tailored to your specific needs, and, most important, exemplary customer service. We’re proud of the experience we provide; however, we constantly challenge ourselves to reach new heights. To further elevate our service, the entire Incentive Concepts team recently attended the Customer Service Reenergized program at The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis.

Customer Service Reenergized stresses the importance of each customer interaction and the critical behaviors an organization, and its employees, must employ to deliver a positive experience.

Key takeaways from Customer Service Reenergized

Though we’re focused on delivering great service to you, we understand that many of you are also responsible for delivering powerful experiences for your customers. Thus, we’ve selected a few key takeaways from the program from which every company can benefit:

  • Set high standards: Expect the best from your team, and train them to deliver.
  • Attitudes are contagious: One employee in a bad mood can have one bad customer interaction that affects the reputation of the entire company.
  • Foster teamwork: A true team is made up of employees who work hard to make each other look great on the job. They are ambassadors of the company in everything they do, and they treat each other with dignity and respect.

Overall, the Incentive Concepts team found great value in every portion of Customer Service Reenergized, and we feel renewed in our mission to deliver the best, better.

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