The Importance of Giving Thanks To Employees, Clients and Partners

Thanksgiving allows businesses to form a culture of employee recognition

Thanksgiving always serves as an annual reminder of giving thanks and showing appreciation for your friends, family, and good fortune. However, it’s equally as important to extend thanks to those clients, employees, and partners who play integral roles in your business’ success. Employee appreciation goes a long way. 69% of employees work harder when they’re recognized for a job well done, and they can boost your company’s profitability by roughly 9%. Giving thanks to your team generates both emotional and financial rewards.

Better yet, giving thanks is easy to do. With a little bit of creativity and strategy, you can deliver recognition that leaves a lasting impact on your staff.

Meaningful gifts

Meaningful, personalized gifts

Provide your team with meaningful personalized gifts. All too often, employers take a “one size fits all” approach to recognition, and the incentives don’t take into account each employee’s individual tastes and preferences. Offer your team a range of unique gifts that are high-quality, state-of-the-art, and superbly crafted. The more individualized your approach is, the more meaningful your employee gifts will be.

Top performers

Employee rewards for top performers

Though it’s important to recognize everyone’s contributions with employee rewards, there are certain team members who go above and beyond. Your top performers contribute to the company’s successes in outsized ways, and their recognition should complement their results. Plan an immersive Event Experience that takes gift giving to the next level.

Culture of thanks

Create a culture of thanks with recognition gifts

Recognition should happen year-round, and Thanksgiving is a great time to jumpstart ongoing incentive efforts with recognition gifts. Perhaps it’s a potluck dinner for the entire staff, a wall of thanks in the break room, or a personalized note delivered to each employee workstation. Use this time to establish a greater culture of thanks, and utilize our long-term Workplace Solutions to keep it going.

Giving thanks can inspire personal warmth and employee productivity during Thanksgiving. But most important, it can help cultivate a culture of recognition that yields results all year.

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