Incentive Concepts and Lodge: Delivering the Best, Better

Incentive Concepts President & CEO, Joe Reinberg, and Lodge Division Sales Manager, Greg Myers, at the Lodge products launch during Incentive Concepts’ recent National Sales Meeting.

Incentive Concepts And Lodge Cast Iron

Incentive Concepts and Lodge Cast Iron share a similar value: delivering the best products to their customers. Incentive Concepts markets, sells, and distributes highly desirable merchandise and we create the perfect experience to deliver corporate gifts. Founded in 1896, Lodge produces the highest quality American made cast iron cookware in the market. With these values in mind, Incentive Concepts and Lodge formed a partnership to provide an industry-best line of cookware products to include in Incentive Concepts’ brand portfolio.

Incentive Concepts’ President, Joe Reinberg, reached out to Lodge after receiving a letter from Greg Myers and, from there, the partnership sizzled. Lodge’s diverse line of cast iron cookware has earned rave reviews from media and consumers alike, offering the performance of European brands at a much more affordable value. The core line of its cast iron skillets has been sold and perfected for more than 120 years.

Made in the USA, Lodge Cast Iron is the perfect way to reward your customers and employees. Incentive Concepts has several Lodge products from which to choose. These include skillets, griddles, Dutch ovens and more. Plus, based on feedback from our customers, we have assembled sought-after Lodge bundles that are sure to impress. Contact Incentive Concepts to learn how we can help you incorporate Lodge into your next incentive or corporate gifting program.

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