Incentive Concepts Launches New LinkedIn Group – ‘Power of Incentives Network’

Incentive Concepts LIVE Hub will feature exclusive content, conversation, and collaboration

In the earliest stages of the pandemic, Incentive Concepts LIVE began as a means of connection, offering innovative ways to explore premium brands regardless of location. But since, the show has become a force of its own – our 80th episode streamed in June, our archive of videos has amassed thousands of views, and we’ve expanded from virtual chats to dynamic onsite visits.


As the show has grown, so has our community of dedicated viewers, who tune in regularly and participate in the live chat and giveaways, among other opportunities. However, we realize the conversation about employee recognition keeps going once the episodes end. That’s why we’ve created the Power of Incentives Network, a LinkedIn group that’s now the official online hub for Incentive Concepts LIVE. Whether it’s before, during, or after the show, viewers have a designated place to check in, chat, and connect.

More than discussion – help shape the future of IC LIVE

Each episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE is an adventure in and of itself. For instance, recent livestreams have included visits to the Lake Saint Louis Water Ski Club, the Missouri Pickleball Club, Broil King’s North American headquarters, and the annual Inspired Home Show, complete with special guests and firsthand looks at several top-rated corporate gifts in our catalog. But there’s always more to the story, and the Power of Incentives Network is the place to get all the exclusive details.

Members will have access to behind-the-scenes featurettes about individual episodes as well as IC LIVE’s multiyear evolution. They’ll also have a direct hand in shaping future episodes of the show. Group members will have the opportunity to send in featured comments before the general public; offer pre- and post-show feedback; and take part in special Q&A sessions.

Additionally, members will have unlimited opportunities to connect with one another and discuss their best practices around employee engagement. The name of the group – the Power of Incentives Network – was inspired by the vital role that rewards and recognition play in the modern workplace. Thus, this community is the perfect place to go deep on incentive plans and strategies. This group is one that will continue to give more and more value as time goes on.

Join the Power of Incentives Network featuring memorable employee rewards

The Power of Incentives Network is a natural extension of Incentive Concepts LIVE, where viewers can talk about the episodes, learn more about our process, and transform their approach to employee rewards and incentives. This is a one-of-a-kind group designed to grow both the show and the community around it. Be sure to join the Power of Incentives Network today, RSVP for the upcoming episodes of Incentive Concepts LIVE, and contact us or call us at 888-862-9283 to discuss your current gifting needs.



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