Incentive Concepts LIVE Highlights Bose Solutions for Productivity

Bose guests explore incentive gifts for remote work

In the April 30 installment of Incentive Concepts LIVE, Director of Marketing Andy Hudson chatted with Sean Mackie and Brian Surette from Bose to showcase some key products that aid productivity and efficiency. These incentive gifts will keep employees focused and productive while working from home. Sean is part of Bose’s Global Sales Training Team, and Brian is the National Accounts Manager for Premiums & Incentives.

Premium rewards offer solutions to improve remote work

During the broadcast, Sean and Brian took viewers on a deep dive into the functionalities of the Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, Bose Frames audio sunglasses and the brand’s collection of portable Bluetooth speakers. These premium rewards are the perfect work solutions to help your employees improve their productivity while working remotely.

Headphones 700: for when your home becomes your office

“This really is the most advanced headphone we’ve ever built,” Sean said.  He walked through the headphones’ various touch controls and buttons, all of which were designed to keep wearers from constantly reaching for their phones. His favorite was the noise control button, which allows wearers to toggle through 3 presets, ranging from complete noise cancellation to “letting more of the world in”.

Sean also walked viewers through the unrivaled microphone system that is built into the headphones. As a bonus, he wore his own pair of Headphones 700 throughout the discussion to demonstrate the crystal-clear audio, and he conducted a real-time demo to show the effectiveness of the noise control capabilities.

Headphones 700: for when your home becomes your office

Bose Frames: a top three premium sunglasses brand

Sean then dove into the inspiration and specs for Bose Frames, a product that has been very successful for Bose. “In one year, Bose has become the number three premium sunglasses brand in the world,” he shared.

He highlighted the sunglasses’ many benefits, including their 99% UVA/UVB protection, the option to add prescription lenses and different lens designs, and the multi-function button, which gives users control over their audio and phone calls. Sean also called attention to a new update that enables wearers to raise and lower audio volume by moving their head from side to side.

One viewer asked about the available styles of the Bose Frames, and Sean shared information about the Rondo and Alto frame designs and the range of sizes.

Bose Frames: a top three premium sunglasses brand

Bluetooth speakers: enjoy music and use as speakerphone

Here, Sean detailed the advantages of using the SoundLink Revolve, SoundLink Revolve+, SoundLink Micro, and SoundLink Color II Bluetooth speakers. For conferences or social distance gatherings, he pointed out how they could be used as speakerphones, a lesser known function of these products. Sean and Andy also spoke to the durability and versatility of the speakers, and Brian spoke about the speakers’ audio modes (Party and Stereo), which allows listeners to pair two speakers together via the Bose Connect app.

Additionally, everyone viewing the broadcast had the chance to enter a giveaway for a pair of black Headphones 700. One lucky winner was chosen later that afternoon.

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