Incentive Concepts LIVE Rides Into 2024 with Razor USA

First 2024 episode showcases Razor USA corporate gifts

January isn’t typically the month that comes to mind when most people think of fun. Temps are freezing, recovery from the holidays is still underway, and those lofty New Year’s resolutions might be off to a bumpy start. But National Fun At Work Day (January 26) offered employees a more enjoyable alternative, placing an emphasis on happiness, work-life balance, and well-being.

It’s a holiday we celebrated with gusto at Incentive Concepts, and that carefree energy carried over into our first Incentive Concepts LIVE episode of the year, “Riding Into 2024 with Razor USA”.


Every broadcast is a can’t-miss event, but this one was especially exciting as we captured a lighter side of our team and got a firsthand look at Razor’s genius engineering and keen eye for design. Razor USA’s premium selection of fun products are perfect for corporate gifts and employee incentives.

Incentive Concepts named to ASI’s ‘Best Places to Work’

Director of Marketing, Andy Hudson kicked off the episode with a handful of announcements about forthcoming content, featured viewer comments, and giveaways. But perhaps the most important news was that Incentive Concepts was named on Advertising Specialty Institute’s Counselor 2024 Best Places to Work list. It was a wonderful way not only to start the episode but also the year.

Incentive Concepts - Counselor Best Places to Work Award

Innovative employee incentives for family fun

To kick the episode into high gear, Andy was joined by Brand Advisor Jenna Fuegner, who regular viewers might recognize from one of our Bose-centered episodes last year. Together, Jenna and Andy spoke a bit about the many ways that Incentive Concepts commemorated National Fun At Work Day. They shared a great group photo and then a joy-filled highlight reel, with extra emphasis on Razor’s expansive catalog of employee incentives.


Next, Andy and Jenna were joined by Tony Rodriguez, Razor’s National Director of Sales. After a brief intro, Tony gave some background on Razor, touching on how the brand ushered in the scooter craze in 2000 and how its name is now synonymous with scooters.

Tony then brought on Jeff Trauner, who oversees corporate social responsibility at Razor. Jeff talked through the company’s four pillars – sustainability, philanthropy, health & wellness, and diversity & inclusion. What drives those pillars is a desire to introduce their products to as many people as possible while delivering global impact. Also, Tony chimed in to share a few charitable endeavors that Razor has undertaken.

Keeping with the giving spirit, Tony announced that Razor was donating the A5 Scooter, the original adult-sized kick scooter in its lineup, in pink, red, and blue colorways. Heidi Schmidt of Dowlis Inspired Branding Inc., whose RSVP comment about fun was featured during the episode, was the first to take one home. Viewers could also enter a giveaway to win one of two additional A5s.

A5 Kick Scooter

After, Jenna led viewers through several Razor rewards, including the Icon Electric, which goes up to 18 mph and as far as 18 miles on a single charge; the aforementioned A5; and the traditional kick scooter (available in A2 and A3 models). Tony jumped in to highlight the DXT Drift Trike, great for downhill rides. The group also spent a few moments on the RipStik Caster Board, a two-wheel caster board that enables a unique twisting motion, and the MX350 Dirt Rocket. The segment closed out with the Rambler 20, a retro-style electric bike that speeds up to almost 20 mph. Tony spoke to different versions of the Rambler that serve various parts of the market.

All in all, it was an episode all about fun, at Incentive Concepts’ headquarters and among viewers. Though work gets serious, Razor’s products and National Fun At Work Day were reminders to engage in play at any age.

Bring recreational corporate gifts to employees

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Lastly, be sure to RSVP for the next episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE, “A Round of A-Paws for Duo Dogs,” taking place Thursday, February 29.

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