Incentive Concepts Welcomes Escalade Sports-Fitness Division

Escalade Sports Fitness

Incentive Concepts is excited to welcome the Escalade Sports-Fitness Division brands to its lineup of premium products for corporate gifting, incentives and employee recognition programs. Lifeline, PER4M and Natural Fitness involve a diverse array of innovative products and the company competes worldwide in many key consumer fitness product categories.  This includes athletic training, bodyweight, functional training, resistance & strength training, recovery and yoga.

On the addition of Lifeline, PERF4M and Natural Fitness to Incentive Concepts’ portfolio, Escalade Sports-Fitness Division National Sales Manager Justin Porter said, “We are thrilled to enter a market with so much opportunity and partner with Incentive Concepts, a leader in the industry. This partnership allows us to reach new customers and build on our 40-year history of providing the best in innovative wellness products.”

Incentive Concepts President & CEO Joe Reinberg added, “Health and fitness programs are important parts of corporate and personal wellbeing. With the increased popularity of home-based exercise, these products are sure to be a favorite. We are thrilled to welcome Lifeline, PER4M and Natural Fitness to our list of premium brands.”

Lifeline continuously develops revolutionary training tools that are the benchmark in professional grade products used for bodyweight, progressive variable resistance, functional training and recovery. An industry leader for over 40 years, Lifeline’s success was built on groundbreaking products such as the first beaded jump rope and the Lifeline Portable Gym. Now the holder of over 20 patents, Lifeline’s continued dedication to defining and developing exclusive exercise tools powered by invention and has made it the leader in product innovation within the functional fitness category.

PER4M is a comprehensive and authentic performance athletic training brand that readies athletes for sports competition by giving them the tools to prepare their body focusing on SPEED, AGILITY, QUICKNESS & POWER.  By combining equipment with custom videos and drills developed by athletes and fitness experts and featuring a partnership with D1, a sports training program with state-of-the-art facilities, the PER4M brand helps provide the athlete with purposefully designed tools to improve their fitness and sports level through: A) Product Functionality; B) Product Versatility; C) Product Quality and D) Affordability that doesn’t limit accessibility.

Natural Fitness
A pioneer in the rapidly growing eco-friendly wellness products marketplace, Natural Fitness is a favorite of both the professional and amateur yogis thanks to our thoughtfully designed tools and unparalleled performance with minimal environmental impact. Each product is made from eco-friendly or sustainable materials. Evolving our products to stay up-to-date with advancements in green design, Natural Fitness continues to grow thanks to the fact that it remains true to its roots of sustainability, functionality and flexibility.

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