Incentive Concepts Wins ASI Award for ‘Best Use of Video’

Rewards supplier also recognized for Excellence in Data Entry

As people all across the country began spending more time at home, Incentive Concepts LIVE served as a fresh, dynamic way to promote brand partners and highlight top-notch products. A growing audience and thousands of views proved that the videos resonated, but it wasn’t just potential customers who were watching. The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) recently honored Incentive Concepts, an employee and customer rewards company, with the Best Use of Video award, as part of its 2020 Promo Campaign Awards.

Company logo gifts demonstration on grilling the perfect steak

In the winning video – filmed and posted in April – Incentive Concepts teamed up with Broil King Premium Accounts Manager Jason Radford for a live demonstration about prepping grills for spring, using a pellet smoker and grill, and grilling the perfect steak. The video effectively showcased decorated products from Broil King’s assortment, including an imprinted pellet smoker and grill, and a sample panel from Incentive Concepts’ full-panel decoration program.

Watch Incentive Concepts’ winning video


ASI praised the video for capitalizing on renewed interest in grilling in an entertaining way and celebrated how the demonstration both spread awareness about Broil King’s North American-made products and provided tangible advice and value for viewers. ASI also showed appreciation for the video’s informal, off-the-cuff presentation style, which was on trend with the types of videos attracting the most attention on YouTube.

It was an approach that not only pulled in viewers but also led to sales success of Broil King with company logo gifts. In ASI’s award announcement, Incentive Concepts VP of Sales Kevin Hagan shared that the video had led to several business opportunities, including a solution for a customer promotion involving decorated grills.

And perhaps there will be more award-winning video moments in IC LIVE’s future. Radford will return as a guest on September 24, this time to help viewers grill tasty fare like burgers and hot dogs for their “homegates”. Homegating has grown in popularity as fall sports fans look for ways to bring the energy of their favorite stadiums to their backyards.

Incentive Concepts among RepLink’s Top 10 for Data Entry Excellence

Incentive Concepts has also been named part of RepLink’s Top 10 companies of the year for Excellence in Data Entry. The winners were announced on LinkedIn in mid-August.

The award recognizes companies that maintain accurate representations of their available merchandise, including pricing, descriptions, and other technical specs. The honor is a prime example of Incentive Concepts’ excellent customer service and attention to detail in all that we do.

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