Life Fitness Shows How It’s ‘Inspiring Healthy Lives’ on Incentive Concepts LIVE

Life Fitness Shows How It’s ‘Inspiring Healthy Lives’ on Incentive Concepts LIVE

The latest episode features the brand’s treadmills, bikes, and more

When it comes to health and fitness, millions of Americans sweat it out in gyms for many reasons – the camaraderie in a group class, the ambience, the perks of membership. But there’s also the state-of-the-art equipment. Fitness centers provide access to a range of machines and weights for which many of us don’t have the budget or square footage. However, brands like Life Fitness are helping gymgoers bridge the gap between gym workouts and exercise at home, with commercial-grade workout gear that fits seamlessly into any space. Fitness gifts are increasingly popular in the world of corporate gifting, encouraging a healthy lifestyle among employees.

In our most recent episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE, “Inspiring Healthy Lives”, viewers had a chance to see Life Fitness’s top-tier equipment firsthand. They were also treated to an exclusive virtual tour of the Recreation & Wellness Center at the University of Missouri – St. Louis (UMSL) to learn how the brand motivates students and staff. See the highlight reel below for the best moments and watch the full episode for more details.

Commercial fitness rewards adapted for every space

Host and Director of Marketing Andy Hudson kicked off the episode from the Incentive Concepts showroom, where several of Life Fitness’s premium corporate gifts were on display. Calling back to the dynamic promo video that opened the broadcast, and which covered several key moments in Life Fitness’s history, Andy shared three iconic images of 1970s- and 1980s-era celebrities with the brand’s equipment. Viewers took to the live chat to guess the celebs’ names, with one pop culture expert getting all three correct.

After, Andy was joined by two special guests from Life Fitness – Stephanie Orem, National Accounts Manager and Matt Elsesser, Director of Distribution Business . Matt shared more about Life Fitness’ origin story, mission, and rapid growth to facilities of all sizes and scopes across countless locations. In an exclusive video tour, viewers got to see one of those facilities, UMSL’s Recreation & Wellness Center, up close and personal. The impressive 100,000-square-foot facility boasts several amenities, including a three-lane track, two-court gym, and 15,000 square feet of fitness and weight equipment. Incorporating Life Fitness equipment into your home gym provides you with a multitude of fitness rewards, helping you achieve your health and wellness goals in the comfort of your home.

Andy then segued into some special product features, filmed on location at the Recreation & Wellness Center and broadcast live in the showroom. All throughout, both Stephanie and Matt talked about the commercial versions of each product and how they were adapted for in-home use.

First up via video, and with Stephanie as a model, Matt showcased the F3 Folding Treadmill. He pointed out the FlexDeck Shock Absorption System, which reduces impact up to 30% compared to outdoor runs and comes standard on both residential and commercial versions of the treadmill. He also detailed the Track Connect 2.0 Console, where viewers can connect smart watches, smartphones, and tablets (as opposed to selecting from pre-loaded apps on the commercial version). Back in the showroom, Stephanie and Matt swapped places, with Stephanie walking viewers through the tech compatibility of the Track Connect 2.0 Console and the treadmill’s easy foldability.

Next was the C1 Upright Lifecycle Exercise Bike with Go Console. Matt connected the bike back to Life Fitness’ legacy, lauded its versatility for riders of all skill levels, and spoke to both the upright and recumbent versions of the bike. One lucky viewer, whose featured comment praised the benefits of stationary bikes, won a Get Fit gift package, which included an Under Armour bag, and Life Fitness-branded water bottle, notepad, and towel. Viewers had a chance to enter a giveaway for their very own Get Fit package, too.

Low-impact fitness incentives for home gyms

The second featured commenter (who also took home a Get Fit package) shared his enthusiasm for row machines, offering a perfect transition into the next product segment. In a video clip, Matt first pointed out components of the brand’s commercial rower, sharing how water is used as resistance and how rowing is an excellent full-body workout. Back in the showroom, Stephanie pointed out some key elements of the Home Row, including its five levels of resistance, its compact size, its easy storage and foldability, and the console, which can track workout stats.

Last but not least, Matt introduced viewers to the E1 Cross-Trainer with Go Console. Among the many benefits of this elliptical, he touted its low-impact workouts, its WhisperStride technology for smooth, quiet rides, and its Go Console to track user stats.


After the product features, Matt and Stephanie spoke about the power of Life Fitness rewards for employee recognition, calling attention to their durability, their placement as showpieces in home gyms, and their seamless delivery and installation. These home fitness incentives save time commuting and it gives your employees privacy during their workouts.

In that same vein, Andy closed out the episode with one last video, featuring Katie Kraut, the Recreation & Wellness Center’s Coordinator of Fitness and Wellness. She gave more background on the role the center plays on campus and the features that set it apart from the average gym. She also talked about the health benefits that workouts and other fitness resources provide for those at UMSL.


With Life Fitness’s premium wellness corporate gifts, you can provide those same healthy lifestyle benefits for your employees. Head over to our LinkedIn group, Power of Incentives Network, to discuss this episode and learn how others are incorporating health-focused rewards into their recognition strategies. Corporate gifting solutions provide companies with a valuable way to acknowledge and appreciate their employees. Then, view Life Fitness’s extensive full catalog and contact us using the form below or call us at 888-862-9283. For immediate needs, complete our Request For Quote form, and be sure to sign up for our Preferred Pricing program to access exclusive catalogs, price sheets, and product photos.

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