Make Recognition a New Year’s Resolution for Your Business

A culture of appreciation boosts employee morale and results

The new year offers every business or organization an opportunity to start fresh. Your company’s resolutions for the new year might include hitting a new sales high, improving staff productivity, or attracting strong, new team members. But there’s one resolution that could help you achieve all of these goals and more – creating a culture of appreciation to boost employee morale.

Rewards and recognition to engage and motivate employees

Rewards and recognition to engage and motivate employees

Rewards and recognition matter because they validate the efforts of your team. They also serve as a chance to demonstrate the type of performance that earns high regard within your company. Other employees will push their work to a level that earns the same kind of praise.

Sadly, employee rewards often take a backseat to more urgent business tasks, as leaders assume they lack the adequate time or extra funds. But incentive programs typically require a low investment for a major return. A 2016 Gallup study showed that employees valued feedback as simple as public recognition with an award or certificate. And, it’s easy to find incentive programs that fit an organization’s budget and size.

Taking the time to invest in recognition pays off long-term. Forbes reports that companies with a solid incentive plan in place have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates. Also, incentives increase morale and keep employees more engaged, which leads to higher productivity and stronger business results. The ROI is truly immeasurable.

Company culture starts with event gifting

Company culture starts with event gifting

One powerful way to incorporate recognition into your company culture is Event Gifting by Incentive Concepts. These branded events allow employees to get up close and personal with premium gift selections, from name brands like Bose, kate spade NEW YORK, Costa and Briggs & Riley, and choose the incentive gift that best suits their tastes. Everyone takes home an event gift, and they participate in a memorable experience in the process. This is an incentive approach that will keep your team buzzing all year.

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The word “Incentives” can mean different things to different people and can be confusing and even intimidating. But boiled down to its simplest terms, an incentive is anything that is designed to modify and drive behavior to an ultimate goal. Whether it’s for employees, customers, or prospects, Incentive Concepts delivers brands that will help you achieve your goals.