Make Recognition Part of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Work with Incentive Concepts to create a culture of appreciation

In the workplace, employee recognition is the gift that keeps on giving. Employees who have been recognized are happier and more engaged, which boosts their productivity. Leaders who recognize employees are respected, and they’re more capable of motivating the team to deliver results. When everyone is happy, engaged, and respectful of one another, it improves employee retention. In short, a culture of appreciation benefits everyone involved. Without question, rewards and recognition should be your top resolution for the New Year. Incentive Concepts can help your company build a culture of appreciation in the workplace.

Commit to employee rewards year-round

Many organizations treat recognition as an irregular occurrence – a grand gesture for an extraordinary business result or an annual pay raise during the review process. But creating a culture of appreciation means recognizing team members with employee rewards, for things big and small, all year long.

Year-round rewards don’t require a huge investment from you. You can start small with handwritten thank you cards or personal shout outs. You can recognize the team as a whole by catering lunch once a month or taking them out for a fun outing or retreat. You can even put the employee break room to work by combining “comfort with hygiene and sustainability for a restful space.”

Recognize accomplishments with incentives and event gifts

To celebrate big team wins or accomplishments, consider gifting employees with premium incentives from brands like Bose, Briggs & Riley, Costa, kate spade new york and many others. Or you can host special gift-centered events: recognizing accomplishments with incentives or handing out event gifts during special events will help you reward your team.

Briggs & Riley event gifting


Regardless of what you decide, your commitment is required. To reap the benefits that a culture of appreciation provides, you have to be consistent.

If you’re unsure of how to shift your culture to one of recognition & reward, Incentive Concepts can help you identify the best strategies and ideas for your company. Call our team at 888-862-9283, sign up for our Preferred Pricing Membership, or contact us today to get a head start on New Year’s resolutions for your business.

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