Make Rewards and Recognition Part of Your Company’s ‘New Normal’

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Remote work, special events and more

Without question, the modern workplace is undergoing a dramatic shift. A recent article from O.C. Tanner, a company specializing in strategic rewards and recognition solutions, highlighted five aspects of this cultural transformation – an increased focus on culture, new processes to adjust to remote work and other changes, a push toward stronger inclusivity, the arrival of Gen Z workers into the workforce, and the adoption of new technology that improves the employee experience. Whether your new normal involves making one or all of these adjustments, Incentive Concepts has turnkey solutions to ensure your success. We have your business covered.

Remote work made easy with corporate gifts

Remote work is a necessity for many companies and that means businesses are embracing a lot of new technology to ease the transition. However, the O.C. Tanner article cautions, “How well the technology integrates with other technology and into the flow of work should be a key consideration.” Incentive Concepts has pulled together our best premium gifting solutions to help every team stay connected. Key items are corporate gifts that include devices like Bose’s noise-canceling headphones and Bluetooth speakers as well as products for every element of remote work life, from fitness, wellness, and cooking to recreation and home improvement.

Incentive solutions for a better workplace

Incentive solutions make for a healthy workplace. The workplace is more important than ever, and this is bigger than encouraging employees to get active. A great company culture is also one where employees are appreciated and satisfied. Our Health and Wellness rewards are tailored to your company’s unique needs to increase engagement. From adding a fitness center to your HQ to boosting the functionality of your employee workstations, no part of your business is too big or too small to strengthen.

Covetable employee gifts to recognize hard work

Some companies have made cuts to their employee recognition programs, but this decision can have repercussions throughout the organization. O.C. Tanner reports that these cuts can cause a 49% decrease in engagement and 23% decrease in the likelihood that employees feel supported by the company. Employee gifts show appreciation and now is more important than ever to recognize hard work.

Incentive Concepts has an extensive selection of rewards from top global brands like Bose, Briggs & Riley, Corkcicle, and Hyperice. Regardless of individual tastes, we have gifts that resonate, suit every lifestyle, and leave a lasting impression.

Gifting events create new memories

Special gifting events can be used to boost morale for the entire team or highlight impressive work from top performers. Whether you’re pulling the team together for the first time in a long time or recognizing employees from afar, Event Gifting by Incentive Concepts makes it easy. Choose one of our branded events (featuring brands like Bose, Costa, Seiko, and more), create a multi-branded SELECT SIGNATURE COLLECTION event, or use the Your Event Card Program to distribute gifts virtually.


There are many ways to inspire your team, and Incentive Concepts can help. Whatever you choose, the most important factor is that employee rewards, recognition, and appreciation become part of your company’s “new normal”. Contact us or call us at 888-862-9283 to discuss exciting ways to build upon your existing culture and recognize your employees.

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The word “Incentives” can mean different things to different people and can be confusing and even intimidating. But boiled down to its simplest terms, an incentive is anything that is designed to modify and drive behavior to an ultimate goal. Whether it’s for employees, customers, or prospects, Incentive Concepts delivers brands that will help you achieve your goals.