Make Your Mark with Stylish Travel Rewards from Briggs & Riley

Recent episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE highlighted personalization options for the brand’s premium luggage

Corporate gifts option for premium personalized luggage

With summer just around the corner and travel returning to normal levels, it’s the perfect time to help your customers, business partners, and employees upgrade their luggage with a personal touch. The April 29 episode of Incentive Concepts LIVE offered plenty of solutions, shining a light on Briggs & Riley’s stylishly innovative suitcases and bags, and the many ways to decorate these corporate gifts.

Personalized gifts for a summer of travel

Director of Marketing Andy Hudson was joined by Briggs & Riley’s Kim Biggs (Head Of Corporate Sales), Sally Headapohl (Logistics Manager, North America), and Incentive Concepts’ own Mary Pat Mitchell (Logo Gifts Manager). The group kicked off the broadcast talking about their enthusiasm over the return of travel in the U.S., and viewers chimed in about their travel plans via the live chat.

Kim led everyone into a discussion of Briggs & Riley’s assortment and capability with the inspiring quote, “When people plan a trip, the fun starts when they buy their luggage.” For viewers, that fun began with an exploration of the many different decoration options for the brand’s personalized gifts collection.

Sally detailed the features of the Outsider Handle Wrap (shown with blind debossing but also available in gold or silver). The wrap fits any rolling luggage from Briggs & Riley. She then moved on to the Rhapsody bag tags, which can be monogrammed with initials or decorated with a company logo, and the Baseline ID tags, available with hot stamping for colorful logos.

Next, Kim shared the features of the @Work Medium Backpack and the versatile personalization options available, including monogramming and logo decoration. During the broadcast, one lucky viewer had the chance to win an @Work Medium Backpack in black, complete with embossed initials.

Remain highly mobile and professionally polished with the @work Medium Backpack

After spotlighting these first few items, viewers were treated to a behind-the-scenes video about the monogramming process used to decorate Briggs & Riley’s products. Kim pointed out how each tag is handcrafted and handled with care.

She then went on to showcase a personalized @Work Medium Brief with a custom logo applied via heat transfer, resulting in an eye-catching, crisp design. She shared that it was a beautiful way to improve brand visibility.

With the ZDX Travel Duffle, Sally dove into the array of decoration options available. The side of the bag and strap can be embroidered, and the leather ID tag on the back can also be monogrammed.

Briggs & Riley’s flagship Baseline collection can be customized as well. Kim pointed out Baseline’s enduring popularity, driven by its design and functionality. For example, the CX™ Compression-Expansion technology gives travelers 34% more packing room for unexpected purchases. During the segment, she spoke about embroidery options for the Domestic Upright Carry-On, shown in Navy and Olive.


Sally showcased the power of heat-stamped logos on the Sympatico 2.0 collection, which create an appealing contrast with the collection’s matte finish. There’s also the option to monogram the leather detail on the top of each bag.

And coming soon, there will be even more Briggs & Riley bags to personalize with the release of Delve’s new Small Crossbody Sling, Vertical Crossbody, and Slim Laptop Sleeve.

Customized Briggs & Riley incentive rewards…for a lifetime

Earlier in the broadcast, Mary Pat offered insight into Incentive Concepts’ decoration process for incentive rewards, namely the company’s commitment to integrity and quality when decorating customers’ products. Sally built on this by sharing the many other customization options available for Briggs & Riley products, including custom note cards and nested sets, and delivery via drop shipping and palletization.

To wrap things up, Kim spoke to Briggs & Riley’s ultimate point of differentiation – its Simple As That® Lifetime Guarantee, the only warranty of its kind in the luggage industry. In addition to the top-quality personalization, Briggs & Riley’s bags are backed by the best customer service and a commitment to excellence for the lifespan of the bag.

Simple As That® Lifetime Guarantee, the only warranty of its kind in the luggage industry

To explore all of Incentive Concepts’ decoration options as well as Briggs and Riley’s full catalog, call us at 888-862-9283 or contact us using the form below.

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