Showroom Experience Offers Multiple Ways to Explore Name Brand Gifts

Reimagined walkthroughs feature logoed gifts & Event Card demo

Incentive Concepts is proud to announce that the showrooms at our St. Louis headquarters are open for both in-person and virtual visits. As always, our showroom experience brings our catalog to life, offering a firsthand look at several name brand products in multiple in-demand categories. Get reimagined walkthroughs featuring logoed gifts and an event card demo. Taking these meetings one step further, we’ve added some dynamic enhancements that can help spark fresh ideas around rewards and recognition.

The best gifts in every category

Though there are many ways to learn about incentives from our renowned brand partners, including our customizable catalogs and flyers, showroom visits give attendees a unique opportunity to see, feel, and test potential incentives.

During these virtual walkthroughs (which are scheduled for 30 minutes but can be extended to 45 or 60 minutes), our representatives will guide attendees through multiple refreshed spaces, each with a distinct assortment of gifts across multiple categories. The experience is designed to cover Audio & Tech, Fashion & Style, Premium Drinkware, Sports & Recreation, Patio & Outdoor, Travel & Luggage, Power & Tools, Housewares, and Fitness & Wellness. However, visits can be tailored to the attendees’ specific needs, be it shorter or longer walkthroughs, or more personalized product selections.

Also, each walkthrough will feature several of the newest releases from name brands, helping attendees remain on the cutting edge of premium corporate gifting solutions. Whether you’re recognizing your employees, honoring customer loyalty, or preparing for a marquee event, a showroom visit can infuse the planning process with fun and excitement. Discover the best gifts in every category.

New ways to discover premium incentives

As showcased during many episodes of Incentive Concepts LIVE, hands-on discovery often demonstrates the full potential of brand name products. From color and design to function and versatility, getting up close and personal with different rewards is key to finding the perfect items for gift recipients. Our new showroom experience helps attendees narrow down their choices in two memorable new ways.

Showroom visitors can also tour a space that highlights examples of logoed gifts. Several of the most popular products in our catalog can easily be decorated with company logos, and now, attendees can see exactly how this translates to multiple brands and categories.

Showroom visitors can also play an active role in the example of one of our event gifting setups and Event Card  demo. This virtual gifting experience is designed to give recipients the gift of choice while simplifying shipping and delivery. To illustrate how seamlessly the Event Card program works, attendees will be presented with a curated selection of gifts arranged by theme and price point. We’ll provide printed gift cards or digital codes, and attendees will redeem them for their preferred gifts. This short, interactive exercise will preview just how easy it is for recipients to redeem their cards and choose something that’s just right for them.

All in all, whether it’s observing the fine details of a product’s design or learning about the many ways to customize rewards, a visit to our newly reopened showroom spaces is a one-of-a-kind experience. To get inspired and explore premium incentives to recognize and reward, book a virtual visit today.

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