Personalize Employee Incentives with these Unique Gifts

Unique Personalized Gifts Will Inspire Your Employees

Inspire your employees with unique personalized gifts with your company’s logo. Employee incentive gifts should be thoughtful, useful, and appealing to a wide range of employees. From luxury bags to sports memorabilia, you should aim to choose products that are memorable for employee incentives. However, how can you ensure a journal or a Bluetooth speaker represents your company when it’s labeled with another brand’s logo? There’s a simple solution. The following branded products can be personalized with your company’s logo so you can easily achieve both goals. Get started today with unique personalized gifts for your employees.

Unique personalized gifts with decorated Silverback mini-hoops

Escalade Sports Mini Hoops Make Great Sports Gifts

With the 2017-18 NCAA basketball season underway, Escalade Sports’ Silverback Mini Hoops are perfect sports gifts for the fans in your office. They’re offered in 18” and 23” sizes, and you can decorate two areas with your logo—the lower corner or the area just above the shot square.

Personalize your gift giving with decorated Bose SoundSport wireless and SoundLink Revolve

Bose SoundLink® Revolve Bluetooth® Speaker & SoundSport® Wireless Headphones

Bose’s state-of-the-art products are holiday gifts that every employee can appreciate. The SoundLink® Revolve Bluetooth® speaker is water-resistant and delivers true 360° sound. The speaker comes with a custom microfiber drawstring pouch, which can be decorated with your logo. The SoundSport® wireless headphones are sweat- and water-resistant, and last up to 6 hours per charge. You can add your logo to the charging case.

Personalize your gift giving with decorated bugatti backpacks and personal journal

Bugatti Business Backpack & Personal Journal Make Great Employee Gifts

If you’re looking for employee gifts that are more universal, Bugatti has several options.  The Ryan Business Backpack, offered in grey and khaki, provides a clean, professional design and a slew of decoration options.  Similarly, the Personal Journal comes in black and cognac, is simplistically and sleekly designed, and also has several decoration options, including debossing, embroidery, and metal plating for branded gifts.

If you’d like to view a few additional gift options before you make your final decision, consider Broil King and Ricardo Beverly Hills.  Both brands offer a range of high-quality, customizable choices.

When it comes to putting your company stamp on rewards and recognition for your team, use these decorated gifts to make an impact while maintaining your company’s identity.

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