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Brands > Corkcicle > 25oz Canteen w/Bottle Brush & Canteen Cap w/Straw - Gloss Cobalt

25oz Canteen w/Bottle Brush & Canteen Cap w/Straw - Gloss Cobalt

Item # 2025GCO-PKG
This package includes the original, colorfully cool 25oz Corkcicle Canteen, bottle brush, and canteen cap with straw. This modern water bottle keeps drinks ice cold for 25 hours or warm for 12. This 25oz canteen holds an entire bottle of wine. The Bottle Brush has a super scrubber nylon brush head, it gets the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your drinking vessel that conventional brushes might miss. Cap off your favorite Canteen with ALL NEW Straw Cap. Simply pop open the top and drink with ease.
Retail $59.85 + S / H
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Decoration Information
Full Product Features
  • Package Includes: 25oz Classic Canteen, Bottle Brush, Canteen Cap
  • 25oz Canteen: Cool for 25 hours, hot for 12 hours
  • 25oz Canteen: Triple-layerinsulation
  • 25oz Canteen: Wide mouthfits ice cubes
  • 25oz Canteen: Signature, flat sides
  • 25oz Canteen: Triple-insulated
  • 25oz Canteen: Screw-on cap
  • 25oz Canteen: BPA FREE
  • Bottle Brush: Super scrubber nylon brush head
  • Cap with Straw: Fits 9oz, 16oz, and 25oz Corkcicle Canteen
  • Cap with Straw: Straw Cap comes with two attachable straw pieces. Keep one as a backup for your 16oz or 25oz Canteen or cut it to desired length for 9oz.