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Backpack Power Blower

Item # PB-770T
Clear wet or dry leaves and debris from large yards with the ECHO® Inc 234 MPH 765 CFM Gas Backpack Blower. The blower features a professional-grade engine that can create powerful bursts of air to make yard clearing easier and faster. The throttle is conveniently tube mounted and features a cruise control function, and the variable speeds allow you to adjust air speeds to fit your cleaning needs. The blower features padded shoulder straps and a ventilated back pad for comfortable use. THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA.
Retail $549.99 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • 63.3 Power Boost Tornado engine
  • Tube-mounted, heavy-duty, dual stage air filtration
  • Padded backrest and shoulder straps
  • Exclusive vented back pad for comfort in hot weather
  • Leaf guard