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EDI 4 - Electronic De-Icer

Item # EDI4
The EDI-4 electric ice scraper finally puts an end to the strenuous task of scraping off the ice bit by bit. With its rotating disc and six sturdy plastic blades, the ice scraper removes even stubborn ice from car windscreens effortlessly in a single movement. If the EDI 4 is in standby mode, apply slight pressure from above to make the removal disc start rotating and the ice will come away as if by magic. The modern and compact design of the ice scraper, along with the protective cover, make it easy to handle and store.
Retail $79.00 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • High Performance - With specially designed blades rotating at 500 rpm and a battery runtime of 15 minutes, the EDI 4 has the highest performance on the market
  • Fast, efficient and uniform removal in a single motion, even when clearing thick layers of ice
  • Lithium-Ion battery design provides consistent performance over the entire battery running time
  • Best Cleaning Results - Only slight downward pressure is needed to scrape and remove ice from windows in a short amount of time
  • The EDI 4 ice scraper offers a more comfortable and effortless way to clear vehicle windows compared to traditional ice scrapers
  • One battery charge is sufficient for several applications. The integrated LED flashes when the device needs to be charged. Battery can easily be charged at home.
  • Should the blades become worn, the removal disc can be replaced without any tools (disc is available as a replacement part).
  • The included protection cap prevents injuries in case of unintentional start of rotation of the scraping blade
  • Includes Lithium-Ion Battery, Powered Electric Ice Scraper, Protection Cap, and Charging Cable