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Brands > Escalade Sports > Triumph Sports - 100MM Bocce Set
Escalade Sports

Triumph Sports - 100MM Bocce Set

Item # 35-7103-3
Come one, come all – it's the perfect for pre-pasta entertainment.Pick up our 100mm Bocce Set and add this easy-to-learn game to your outdoor collection. When the jack ball is tossed onto the playing surface, the game has begun! Simply hold your wine glass in one hand, and toss/roll/bounce your bocce balls with the other. The object is to get your balls closest to the jack ball, and to make sure your opponent is not successful at doing the same.
Retail $69.99 + S / H
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Decoration Information
Full Product Features
  • 8 resin 100mm balls
  • 50mm jack
  • Carry bag
  • Heavy duty construction to withstand years of use
  • Balls wipe clean with a damp cloth
  • Bocce Balls Weight: 950 gr
  • Palino Weight: 120 gr