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Triumph Sports - Kubb

Item # 35-7072-3
This strategic sport is both a challenging and an addictive pastime. To play Kubb, you need the accuracy of horseshoes, the tenacity of bocce and the finesse of bowling – it's almost three games in one! This set includes all of the blocks and dowels you'll need to get the competition started. The objective is to toss your dowels and knock over your opponent's Kubbs. Whichever player overthrows the “king" rules the round.
Retail $64.99 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • Outdoor game combines bowling and horseshoes for hours of fun
  • Kubb set includes all the blocks and dowels to begin playing
  • All pieces are construction from 100% kiln-dried hardwood
  • Popular in Europe, Kubb is also known as Viking Chess
  • Includes 10 Kubb blocks, 6 tossing dowels, 1 king kubb, 4 corner pegs