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Brands > KitchenSupply > Escali - Refrigerator Freezer Dial Thermometer

Escali - Refrigerator Freezer Dial Thermometer

Item # AHF1
The Escali AHF1 Refrigerator / Freezer Dial Thermometer will help you monitor air temperatures in cold storage environments to maintain food safety. The safe air temperature zone for cold storage is indicated on the dial face as well as related HACCP food safety tips. The durable stainless-steel design is NSF certified and easy to clean.
Retail $8.95 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • Range: -20°F to 70°F (-30°C to 20°C)
  • Safe refrigeration temperatures indicated on dial face
  • Large, easy-to-read dial display
  • HACCP cooling and cold storage reminders indicated on dial face
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements