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Brands > KitchenSupply > Escali - Versi Coffee Scale, 6.6 lb

Escali - Versi Coffee Scale, 6.6 lb

Item # CF63B
The Versi Digital Coffee Scale is the ideal scale for the home coffee connoisseur or coffee shop barista. The Versi coffee scale is feature rich with 4 modes, a bright LED display, and a weight capacity of 3,000 g (6.6 lbs). The 4 modes allow the user to choose the best mode for their preferred method of making their morning cup of coffee. Users have the choice of two automatic modes (PR1 /PR3), a manual mode (PR2), and a ratio mode (PR4).
Retail $54.95 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • 4 modes allow for different coffee making scenarios ranging from fully automatic to manual. There are 2 auto modes, 1 manual mode and a ratio mode.
  • Large capacity allows for larger pours and utilizing the scale to weigh other items in the kitchen including coffee, cups, and other ingredients.
  • The bright LED screen is easy to read in all lighting conditions and viewing angles.
  • The rechargeable lithium ion battery allows for 16 hours of use and charges within three hours for minimal down time.
  • The silicone cover is heat resistant and provides additional protection from heat and hot liquids to the main body of the scale.
  • The auto-off feature allows the user to select between 6 different times from 30 to 600 seconds saving battery life if the unit is left on. The user can also choose to disable the auto-off feature by selecting nC.