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Brands > Body-Solid > Fitness Training Rope - 1.5" Diameter 30' Long

Fitness Training Rope - 1.5" Diameter 30' Long

Item # BSTBR1530
Rope training is growing in popularity in particular with professional athletes, personal trainers, health clubs, and home fitness enthusiasts. Fitness Training ropes are portable and can be used anywhere for both indoor and outdoor training. Training can be done with individual users or couples and is usually very intense involving the use of multiple muscle groups simultaneously while increasing overall strength, hand strength, and cardio endurance.
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Full Product Features
  • Color- Black to camouflage dirt build up from heavy use
  • Construction: Durable Poly-Twine for maximum abrasion and stretch resistance
  • Zero water absorption
  • Good UV resistance
  • Ends are fully wrapped to prevent unravelling and to provide a handle for increased grip
  • Heavy-duty construction for use indoors and out
  • Diameters- 1.5 in. for increased grip training
  • Length- 30 ft allow's for solo or partner training
  • Benefits of training with heavy ropes: Increased strength, muscle tone and endurance, ramps up cardio conditioning, increases explosive power, enhances coordination and turbo charges the metabolism for accelerated fat burning
  • Some examples of Heavy Training Rope exercises are- Slams and alternating heavy rope slams, heavy rope grappler throws, waves and alternating waves and around the world's
  • Some more examples of excercises are weighted jacks, double outside circles, alternating heavy rope split squat wave, squat thrust power slams and heavy rope plank pull