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Lifeline - Jungle Gym XT

The Jungle Gym XT quick adjust straps lengthen or shorten in seconds to alter the body's leverage making the exercise harder or easier to perform. This unit allows training everywhere from hotel room to fitness center to a city park based on the Duro Link connection system. To achieve a higher level of fitness and strength, bodyweight training is essential and the Jungle Gym XT makes the perfect tool to build your functional fitness.
Retail $99.99 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • Split anchor design to quickly change the width of the system
  • Easily adjust straps for V-shaped, neutral or wide-angle suspension
  • Attach straps to tree limbs or bars with the Duro-Link™ anchor
  • Durable construction built for punishing commercial use
  • Portable for full body workouts anywhere, anytime
  • Recommended Ages: 13 years of age and older