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Life Fitness

Small Premium Mat (for bikes/cycles)

Item # SM-80-36
Your floors hold everything that you value. Don't let them get damaged by long-term equipment use. Whether on carpet or hard flooring Life Fitness mats will keep everything looking like new. These all-around mats are made more robust and sturdier than other mats. Mesh weaving and anti-slip coatings give exercisers more control and stability. The edge treatment also reduces kicking or flipping of the outer areas, so your workout is the only thing you must worry about.
Retail $98.00 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • Made of firm and dense 6mm thick anti-slip PVC material delivering commercial and club grade quality.
  • Breathable material allows moisture to escape and reduces mold buildup and is a chemical free mat that won't release strong smell over time.
  • Weaved mesh for added durability with beveled edge treatment for kick prevention.
  • Fits all Life Fitness bikes, Lifecylces and recumbent products and enhances the look of your home by sectioning off exercise area from rest of space.
  • Contains grounding rubber which prevents static electricity.