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Brands > Corkcicle > Whiskey Wedge Single w/Cigar Glass

Whiskey Wedge Single w/Cigar Glass

Item # IC-7071-PKG
This package includes one whiskey wedge (with whiskey glass) and one cigar glass. The Whiskey Wedge is the artful way to perfectly chill your favorite spirits. It's the ideal whiskey glass for anyone who enjoys smooth sipping. When you pour a drink, the wedge melts slowly to help retain your drink's full flavor. Part rocks glass, part cigar rest, the Cigar Glass lets you hold your drink and cigar in the same hand at the same time without all the awkward finger fumbling. So you're free to sip and puff at your leisure.
Retail $49.90 + S / H
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Full Product Features
  • Package Includes (1) Whiskey Wedge (with Whiskey Glass) & 1 Cigar Glass
  • Whiskey Wedge: Silicone Wedge Ice Forms & Double Old Fashioned Whiskey Glasses
  • Whiskey Wedge: Large format ice
  • Whiskey Wedge: Freezer strength glass
  • Cigar Glass: Ergonomic built-in cigar rest
  • Cigar Glass: Double old fashioned whiskey glass
  • Cigar Glass: Handmade with care