Reimagine Recreation with Fowling and Footgolf Rewards from Escalade Sports

Updated outdoor games like cornhole washer toss

With temperatures rising slowly but surely, your employees, business partners, and customers are probably dusting off their board games, volleyball kits, and bocce sets. But a new class of innovative outdoor game sets have swept the nation in recent years, prompting a reimagination of recreation.

Both born in the Midwest, footgolf – which boasts its own professional federation – started gaining traction in the early 2010s while fowling’s popularity exploded in 2020. Classics like tumbling towers and bean bag throws are still beloved, but exciting additions like fowling and footgolf prove there’s no limit to the ways we can have fun. And, whether gift recipients are experimental or more traditional, Escalade Sports has the perfect corporate incentives to take leisure to new heights.

Fowling – outdoor incentive rewards for football & bowling

Perhaps you’ve seen fowling in passing, in comedy skits from shows like Comedy Central’s Detroiters. Or maybe others have described it, making it sound like a party game that was dreamed up on a whim. Though fowling was created accidentally over 20 years ago, it’s becoming just as celebrated and commonplace as the sports it combines.

Fowling is a game that pulls elements from both football and bowling. Two teams set up 10 bowling pins each, consisting of 9 white pins and 1 red pin. Then, players take turns trying to knock down the other team’s pins with a football. The first team to knock down all the opposing team’s pins wins the game. Or, if a player knocks down the opposing team’s red pin or all 10 pins on their first throw, they log an instant win. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s spreading like wildfire.

Escalade Sports’ Fowling Game Set by Triumph Sports has all the essentials to get familiar with the game and strike up friendly competition. The package consists of 18 white pins, 2 red pins, 1 football, 2 targets, and an air pump. All elements can be stored in the included latching boards for quick and easy transport, so recipients can bring the fun of fowling to any get-together with these incentive rewards.

Footgolf – incentive gifts to reenergize warm-weather play

Like fowling, footgolf brings together two popular sports – soccer and golf – to capture the best of both worlds. In as few shots as possible, players attempt to kick a soccer ball across a golf course’s fairway into a 52-centimeter cup. Footgolf incentive gifts are perfect for warm weather activities.


Triumph Sports’ Footgolf Set has all the necessary equipment for gift recipients to create their own footgolf course – 3 footgolf targets, 6 metal ground stakes, 1 official size 5 soccer ball, and an air pump.  Players can get active, learn the ins and outs of the game, and discover a new favorite.

Updated game incentives to enjoy the season

For those who prefer the tried and true, Escalade Sports has updated several timeless games for the modern era. These game incentives include the Triumph Sports 2×4 Cornhole Set with Integrated Caddy that makes tailgating as convenient as ever, with built-in, battery-operated LED lights to illuminate the entire play surface, cup holders, and a caddy shelf to hold extra bags. And the brand’s Original Washer Toss puts a new twist on a classic pastime – players can score an instant win if they land the washer on a pin.

Even more exciting games will be on full display during the May 12 Incentive Concepts LIVE episode, “Innovators at Play: Onsite@ Escalade Sports”.

Director of Marketing Andy Hudson and co-host Raul Garcia (Territory Sales Rep for Illinois and Wisconsin) will visit the Escalade Sports headquarters and chat with various executive team members across the company’s many brands. The exclusive tour will examine the history of the facility, explore the showroom and programming room, and take viewers to “Club Max”, where employees use the products and games they’ve designed, engineered, and marketed. Viewers will get in on the fun, too, with a chance to enter a special giveaway for a game of their own. Be sure to RSVP so you don’t miss out.

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